Index – The Best of Neptunus Lex

On March 6, 2012 we lost Lex. He died doing what he wanted to do, teaching Naval Aviators how to be even better.

For many of us, the Lexicans, he became more than just a blogger but a friend.  Carroll “Lex” LeFon not only enjoyed writing, but he enjoyed the interaction of the “commentariat”, many of whom he called “the best friends I never met”.

Soon after his accident, his website, Neptunus Lex, went down. If it weren’t for one Lexican, who copied and pasted most (about 70%) of his posts for later reading, “the lightness of Lex”, all 9  years’ worth of his work, would have disappeared into the digital ether.

If you remember Lex, most of his humor and thought-provoking posts are right here – in the index. Other posts, under the category “Best of Neptunus Lex” , has been logged but not shown in the index.

If you haven’t met Lex before you are in for a wonderful time. Lex was not only one of the top U.S. Navy aviators (the best of the best), he was XO of TOPGUN (not Top Gun, as in his words “one word, all caps, don’t ask”), but 4,400 hours in such planes as the FA-18, F-5 , A-4  and F-16. The latter 3 planes were used in his role as a TOPGUN instructor.

After retiring from the Navy because of his love of flight he even flew the mighty 150 hp Varga Kachina (“1200 lbs of steel and sex appeal”) taking San Diego passengers on “dogfights”.

Some of the funniest stories I have ever read – about his naval life, are right here in the index. His musings on family life, flying, raising children, naval aviation, leadership  and  military history are all here.

Since I have been going through the collection again (for the 4th time), I have put more on this index – pieces that I had in my earlier haste not thoroughly enjoyed, such as this. This index is dynamic and growing. Lex was very prolific and so many of his stories are too good not to be back out in cyberspace.

A caveat: Some of the links Lex references after 10 years were no more – the internet may be forever but links seem to come and go. He would quote the contents of the link in italics in documenting assertions – I kept the italicized quotes but of course the link may be gone. Where they were still live, of course, they are here.

Since Google will claim I’m the author of all of these (of course, I simply reposted them) -my apologies to Lex now.

I’d like you to discover him through his many works here, but if you want I’ll show you the first post I read – linked by David Foster of, that made me a Lexican. Then I hope over time that you will enjoy his 9 years of posts.


Date  Written                    Title

About Lex (Brief Bio)

10-07-2003     Hwaet!

10-08-2003    Is There Anybody Out There?

10-09-2003    The Daily Commute

10-12-2003     The Hive

10-13-2003     Going Fast, Stopping In A Hurry

10-22-2003     Beliefs

10-23-2003     Hugs and the end of innocence

10-23-2003     Homecoming 2003 – The End Of A War Cruise

11-22-2003      Home At Last

11-22-2003      The Title Bar Logos

11-24-2003     Watching An Ejection

11-26-2003     The Unbearable Lightness Of Paddles

12-01-2003     The Flight Physical

12-05-2003     If Airplanes Were Women

12-08-2003     Yesterday

12-11-2003      On Faith

12-13-2003      Killing An Eagle

12-16-2003      USNA And Food Fights

12-17-2003     Staff Work, Redux

01-05-2004    Inadvertent Ejections

01-07-2004    Bad Day On The 5, Yesterday

01-08-2004    For Everything There Is A Time

01-09-2004    The Worst Day Ever

01-13-2004     Bug Smashers

01-15-2004     Colors On The Stennis

01-17-2004     Port Visits – Perth

01-19-2004     The Time Has Come, the Walrus said

01-25-2004     A Party In San Diego

01-26-2004    Overstress

01-27-2004     The Third Law Of The Navy

02-02-2004    Teamwork

02-13-2004     The Courage Of One’s Uncertainties

02-15-2004     Politics And Faith

02-16-2004    Hypoxia

02-19-2004    Coaching Soccer

02-23-2004    Blogito Ergo Sum?

03-01-2004    The Admin

03-04-2004    Flying With Your Feet On Non Skid

03-21-2004     A Dry Navy

04-11-2004     On The Value Of Sleep

05-11-2004     Career Decision

05-14-2004    Callsigns

05-19-2004    Soft Cat Shot

05-21-2004     Friday Musings

05-22-2004    Port Visit Karachi Pakistan

05-25-2004     Night CQ, Part 1

06-02-2004    Indian Country

06-04-2004   Youngster Cruise

06-28-2004    A Bad Reputation

07-05-2004    Single Seat Fighter Aviation

07-06-2004    Maybe I’m Just Anti Social?

07-07-2004    The Goat Locker

07-08-2004    Trusting The LSO

07-12-2004     The Fly In

07-20-2004    In-Flight Refueling

07-21-2004     A little not enough gas

07-27-2004    Air Strike

08-16-2004   First Day In The Navy

08-24-2004    First Flights

08-29-2004   Viper FCF

08-26-2004   All Kinds of leadership

08-31-2004    A Little Negative ‘G’

10-11-2004      On Raising Children

10-13-2004     Living Overseas

10-17-2004     Why I Don’t Like Airshows

10-18-2004     First CQ

10-18-2004     Working Your Hardest

10-21-2004     Pet Peeves

11-24-2004     Learning To Duck

12-21-2004     The Empty Chair

01-08-2005    Navy Showers And The Steam Cycle

01-10-2005     Message To Garcia

01-13-2005     The Separation Thing

01-17-2005     Night In The Barrel Part 1  

01-18-2005     Night In The Barrel Part 2

02-02-2005    Maslow’s Hierarchy

02-09-2005    On Piddle Packs

02-10-2005     My First Chief

02-17-2005     Flat Hatting

02-19-2005    Iwo Jima

03-27-2005    Pinkie

03-30-2005     Leadership

04-02-2005     Wasn’t Going To Post Today

04-05-2005    BFM (Basic Fighter Maneuvers) 

04-11-2005     IP To Target

04-12-2005     First Solo

04-23-2005    A Retirement Speech

04-25-2005    Centrifuge Training

04-23-2005     South Texas Travelogue

05-02-2005    Another Horse Show 

06-01-2005     Wacko

07-05-2005    Our Fourth

07-06-2005    James Bond Stockdale

10-11-2005      Flight School Advice

10-20-2005     Flat Hatting

11-30-2005     Conversation with my steak, beans….

12-05-2005     So

12-14-2005     Emergency Sortie

12-15-2005      Po’ Lazlorus

 01-21-2006    Things you’ve never seen…

01-23-2006     Adversary Course – Miramar

03-18-2006    It Helps To Laugh

04-06-2006   Ohhh. Good.

 04-25-2006   Fixing The Internets

05-02-2006    Wide Runway

05-29-2006    Celebrating Memorial Day

06-07-2006    Homework, Part II (Design History Of The FA-18) 

06-25-2006     Home Is The Sailor

06-26-2006    Somebody Else’s Sea Story

07-05-2006     Twilight Years – a confessional

07-13-2006     Things you forget about, when you haven’t

08-11-2006     Night Bounce

08-16-2006    Torture

09-12-2006    Learning To Fight

09-18-2006    Mugger on CAP

09-19-2006    Mugger On Fire

10-13-2006      So, we had a little party yesterday

11-18-2006      How Very Troll

11-24-2006     Family Portraits

11-29-2006      Nuts

12-27-2006     The road not taken – completed 

12-29-2006     Bones

12-31-2006     New Year’s Eve

01-10-2007     Cato

01-23-2007     Lower End Failure

02-28-2007    Dealing with adversity

3-01-2007       A Great Point

03-01-2007     Time to get up

03-05-2007     This Better be Good 

03-10-2007     Sport

03-20-2007    Leadership

03-25-2007     TJ 

03-31-2007     Gypsies

04-02-2007    Another brick in the wall

04-03-2007     Understanding The Culture

04-07-2007    Inappropriate

04-12-2007     Justice

04-18-2007    Conversations around supper: Free will vs fatalism

04-23-2007     Service Etiquette

04-24-2007    Bumper Stickers

05-09-2007    That whole “MSM” thing

05-15-2007     Handwringing Over Hickam

05-28-2007    Memorial Day 2007

06-06-2007    Lost Opportunities

06-27-2007    “When I was a plebe”

07-01-2007     Day CQ, FDNF-Style

07-03-2007    Talk About Your Tough Jobs

07-09-2007    Rites Of Passage

07-23-2007    That was when I knew that it just might work

07-27-2007    That “resilient” threat

08-06-2006    A Reminder

08-19-2007    Night Bombing

08-23-2007    Maintaining the auto-voiture

09-11-2007     Notes On An Anniversary

09-21-2007     Close Call

09-24-2007    Hot Gun

09-26-2007    Fear Of Flying

09-27-2007    Fear of flying, II

09-27-2007     Grace

10-02-2007     A Cold War Story

10-03-2007     Cold War Stories, Part Deux

10-08-2007    Columbus Day

10-15-2007     So Now, it’s Official

10-16-2007     Got A letter In The Mail

10-21-2007     Moe Debbinly

11-05-2007     Spin Hop

11-08-2007     Spool Up Time

11-20-2007     The power of saying “no”

11-27-2007      That “Home Again” Feeling

12-16-2007     A Good Day

01-19-2008     The Captain’s Log

01-20-2008    Karma

02-09-2008    Customer Feedback

02-13-2008     Distressing

02-16-2008    First Time For Everything

03-01-2008    An Old Letter

03-12-2008     Photo-Ex

03-30-2008    Sunday Flying

05-07-2008    Milestones

06-13-2008    Early

06-24-2008    Making The Transition

07-04-2008    When in the course of human events…

07-13-2008     Show Season

07-19-2008    Mere Chance

08-06-2008   A Reminder

08-17-2008    Kids

08-21-2008    A Good Wingman

08-28-2008    A Coveted Billet, No Doubt

09-03-2008    The Last Little Bit

09-06-2008   Postcards From The Hedge

09-13-2008    Flying John

09-23-2008    First Flight

10-10-2008     Home

10-21-2008     Foggy Weather

10-26-2008    Something Innate

11-03-2008     BBSOB

11-25-2008     Sometimes You Get a Second

12-07-2008     Pay-Off

01-24-2009    Old Ghosts

02-27-2009    Getting Back In The Swing

03-08-2009    Flying Lessons

03-15-2009     Lessons From The Past

04-01-2009    PTO

04-09-2009   Freedom

04-29-2009    Funny, That

05-17-2009     A Study In Contrasts

05-25-2009    Flying With Family

06-08-2009   Mah Brutha Beef

06-14-2009    Career Advice

06-20-2009    Father’s Day Weekend

07-15-2009     Maybe You Missed It

08-22-2009    Sometimes You Get Lucky

10-10-2009     Acid Test

10-19-2009     The Perils of Our Digital Age

11-03-2009     Not That Handle

11-10-2009      The Mask Slips

12-12-2009     The Enemy Within

12-19-2009     Language Barrier

12-26-2009     Flying Parker

12-29-2009     Grad Hop

01-10-2010      Last Shootdown

01-17-2010      Aerial Ethics

01-23-2010     Task Saturation

02-13-2010     Rivalries

04-07-2010    Losing It

04-18-2010     The Civil War

05-13-2010     Lady Dying

05-24-2010     Oath Breakers

05-27-2010     Cooler Talk

05-31-2010     Memorial Day, 2010

07-15-2010     Ave Atque Vale

07-18-2010     Adapt, Innovate, Improvise: Overcome

08-11-2010      Sacred Oak

08-17-2010     What’s In A Name

08-22-2010     The Need To Fly

09-12-2010     It’s Been A Long Time

09-26-2010    Chance Encounters

10-06-2010     That Others May Live

10-09-2010     Friday Afternoon

10-25-2010     An Honest Question

11-16-2010      Cycles Of Learning

11-17-2010       Admission Against Interest

11-18-2010      The General’s Speech

11-29-2010      Backlash

01-26-2011      Seattle

01-27-2011      Making A Difference

02-10-2011      Class Act

04-20-2011     Unfair

05-15-2011      Walking Gus

06-4-2011       Speechifying

06-25-2011     GA vs. NA

07-04-2011     Happy Fourth!

07-06-2011     Unfinished Business

08-02-2011     Two Weeks Notice

08-06-2011     I’ve Met Them

09-18-2011      The Sense Of Mastery

09-30-2011     The Return of Malaise

10-02-2011      CHENG

10-16-2011      Zuckerman Speaks

10-30-2011      Going Back

10-31-2011       Ground School Day One

11-04-2011      Frontal Passage

11-05-2011       Night Flight

11-06-2011      Fear And Envy

11-07-2011       Day Hop

11-09-2011      Not So Fast

12-03-2011      Catching Up

12-07-2011      Pearl Harbor Day

12-08-2011      Worst Kept Secret

12-15-2011       Case The Colors

01-02-2012     Autothrottles

01-21-2012      The Birkenhead Drill

02-11-2012      Post Pax

03-03-2012     Early Go



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65 responses to “Index – The Best of Neptunus Lex

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  3. Oh! What a treasure just to see that name again! Thank you!

  4. Reblogged this on Primordial Slack and commented:
    A Gift From The Lexicans

  5. Danza Tesh

    Bill, thank you very much. I started reading Lex’s blog in late 2004. I still find myself checking on my bookmark now and then only to be reminded how much I miss a man I never met and yet felt I knew so well. Your work here is much appreciated!

    • Bill Brandt

      You are quite welcome Danza. He is not forgotten here! He considered many of his readers to be some of the “best friends he never met” and after I discovered him, consider him to be the same.

  6. bob

    Just found this this looking for Germany. 1973. Funny but I am the Sgt on the right. Retired in 87 then did. 25 with the Fed’s.

  7. Duff Wiley

    I’ve so enjoyed reading the blogs of Lex over the past few months. Thank you for sharing them. I too came upon them regrettably after the passing of Capt. LeFon. Not only do I enjoy and appreciate his concise and clear use of the English language, (having dedicated my life’s work to the mastering of tongues other than my own English and doing my best to impart them to the youth of today) but initially i found them fulfillment of my
    own “adrenaline junkie” needs as a frustrated, never been fighter-pilot brother to an E-2 NFO. Lamentably in fact, I’m the minority in my family that has not “served”. Never fear however. I get to live it vicariously. And now in more HDMI clarity than ever before thanks to the insights of “Dislexia” aka Neptunus Lex.
    My vicarious “vue” is perhaps a bit more “claire” and personal than for most… My oldest is a tactical naval aviator. Ergo, all of the detail of Lex’s blogs are in fact “ride alongs” of a sort for me. And while not all are soul calming for a father with a son “in harm’s way” (he’s completed a nugget tour w/ combat experience), it provides me an invaluable seat in an otherwise cramped F/A 18E that is my son’s office space. Furthermore, the camaraderie within the vaunted halls of TOPGUN (all caps no space) OpSec renders a father’s experience somewhat vanilla when intently listening to #1 Son respond to Dad’s, “How did work go today?” – ” Murder boards next week Argghh!”
    What the hell is a “murder board?”

    So. (my apologies Lex, couldn’t resist…)

    My point was a HUGE Thank you…
    THANK YOU…Sir… for sharing. And to Lex. For having shared with all of us.

    Sincerely rendered…


  8. Bill Brandt

    Duffman – thank you for your kind words. And you have learned, as I did, that it is never too late to become a Lexican.

    I have been going through what we have, thanks to a Lexican who is an attorney and had saved them for later viewing – and posting many that have not been up here before. Such as the current 3 part series detailing getting night carrier qualified –

    As I read Lex I think he was genuinely surprised to find (while still on active duty) sailors halfway around the world who recognized Carroll LeFon for Neptunus Lex. I compare this split personna to Clark Kent/ Superman which I am sure would get a laugh from Lex.

    But in his Neptunus Lex personna (who was the real Carroll LeFon unguarded) he regarded many of his readers as “The best friends he never met” and I am sure that he would include you, too

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  27. Bill-
    Thanks for keeping this open. A lot of great writing disappeared when the old place went dark.

    Any chance you’ve got Rhythms cued up and ready to post sometime? I keep waiting for it to be published, but would love to read it digital-like again in the meantimes.

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