The banality of evil men

Posted May 8th, 2007 by lex

It sometimes seems that civilization is not so much at war against toxic ideologies as it is the stupidity of those who believe in them. To view the video of VT mass-murderer Cho Seung-hui is to look into the eye of a maundering, self-referential, perpetually frustrated narcissist. To read the plays he wrote for a college-level English course is to recognize how appallingly stupid he was. It is not just that his writing is dark, or ominous: It is, quite simply, awful.

Mass murderers in Islamic countries have apparently been led to believe – have allowed themselves to be led to believe – that an all-powerful and all-seeing deity whom they label ”just and compassionate” somehow needs their corporeal assistance in the murder of some random dozens of his own innocent children. That these fools are led into such moronities by evil men who are ever-so-careful with their own lives, and the lives of their own children, seems no kind of deterrent. The stupid will always be with us. Or at least, they don’t seem to be in any danger of running out at the current usage rates.

There seems to be a strange nexus in the intersection of stupidity and sexual frustration. In Britain, a number of small-time hoodlums whose energies had heretofore been dedicated to low-level credit card scams dreamt themselves up visions of grandeur to go with the 600 kilos of ammonium nitrate they’d stashed for furthering other dreams: This particular set of over-achievers had visions of blown-up “slags” – party girls at a local dance club –  dancing under their beetled brows.  How do we know this? We’ll, they’d been bugged by security services for the better part of 15 months. Among other things we are treated to this bit of scintillating dialogue:

At one point, during a conversation in a house in west London, one plotter asked: “Bruv, you don’t think this place is bugged, do you?”

No, replied Mr Khyam: “Do you know, I think we give them too much credit, bruv.”

I bet the bruvvahs feel differently about “them” now. My opinion of their stupidity however is unchanged by today’s latest revelation:

You have by now heard that six men have been charged with planning and preparing to assault a stateside post of the US Army, at Fort Dix, New Jersey. When I heard the news first thing this morning, the terrorists had been labeled as “Yugoslavs.”

“Huh,” thought I: It’s not like the Yugoslavs to hold a grudge against anyone who was never their next-door neighbor, and anyway they seem on a whole rather too industrious and, well: Intelligent for that sort of thing. Even in politically-correct Hollywood movies about terrorism, suicidal Yugoslavs don’t go around assaulting Army bases with small arms – there’s no future in it.

The afternoon news cleared all that up of course. Our latest batch of simpletons were ethnic Albanians, a Turk and a Jordanian.

Six foreign-born men inspired by Islamic radicalism were in the final stages of preparations to attack a military post in New Jersey when federal agents made a series of arrests last night and disrupted their plot, federal officials said today.

How were they caught?

According to the documents, U.S. authorities were alerted to the group’s existence by a video store employee, who said a man had brought in a recording of 10 young men shooting assault weapons and shouting jihadist slogans. The man asked for the videotape to be copied onto a DVD, the charging documents said.

Shorter  version: They were caught because they were stupid, bruv.

Terror is a tactic, they say: You can’t make war on a tactic. Perhaps then we should get down to brass tacks and re-label this the global war on pusillanimous stupidity – GWOPS.

Apart from a beneficial moral clarity it also has advantages in information operations. I mean, who wants to go to war on the side of stupid?

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