Speaking Truth To Stupid


Posted by lex, on October 27th, 2011

Contrarian billionaire Peter Schiff, who graduated from California’s flagship university, made a fortune in the finance and precious metal markets, and predicted our current economic free fall back in the halcyon days of 2007, went down to Zuccotti Park to engage with the Occupy Wall Street crewe for a little badinage with the squatters.

I am particularly enamored of the unselfconciously ironic comments of the young dude at 8:37 wearing the “V” fright mask atop his head, and a shemagh around his neck, telling Schiff – especially after he disagreed with his points about disbanding some entirely theoretical federal board of education – that “in all his years” he had learned “never to argue with a fool.”

It’s come to this, then: There are people out there who believe that more government will actually make them free. Or, if not that, then that there are American citizens willing to sacrifice their hard-won freedoms to ensure that no one anywhere is more successful than everyone, everywhere. Apart from the governing class, of course. Who will have earned their dachas.



05-31-18 – To the readers: In the Wayback Machine, there was no hint as to what the video was that Lex referenced. But a quick search on YouTube brought the above video, which I believe is the same but of course have no way of positively knowing – Ed.


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