What’s in a name?

Posted by lex, on November 22, 2006

Like JPL spokesman Fuk Li, Midshipman First Class Sean Genis had a lot to live up to, with a name like his. Fortunately, he was up to it (Navy Times, subscription only, gomen):

Post-graduation plans for Midshipman 1st Class Sean A. Genis to become a submarine officer will have to put on hold for the time being. First, he’s got some serious studying to do.

Genis was named a Rhodes Scholar on Saturday, one of 32 Americans picked for the prestigious fellowship. That means Genis will be heading to the University of Oxford in England in September 2007 to begin the two-year program of studies.

Genis, a physics major ranked first in his class at the academy, was confident going into his interview before the seven-person selection panel Saturday in Philadelphia. But when some of the other 11 finalists from his district were called in later that day for a second interview, Genis started to worry just a bit.

“I was preparing for the worst,” said Genis, who had submitted his application in mid-October after working on it since January 2005. The Sharon, Pa., native didn’t have to worry long. That night, Genis was informed he’d been selected. And since the official announcement Saturday, the congratulations have been pouring in.

And as an alumni of that same prestigious institution – USNA that is, not Oxford – and as a guy who graduated solidly in the top 95% of his class, along with my congratulations let me also add: “Gimme your lunch money.”

Oh, and one last thing: “BEAT ARMY!”

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