The Entitlement State

By lex, on August 15th, 2011

The mother of a 13-year old boy arrested in London for vandalism and robbery in the recent “protests” blames the UK government for her son’s misdeeds.

The woman does not live with the boy’s father, is herself on benefits and has 10 other children.

Thank God such things could never happen here.

Speaking of God, and in possibly related news, watch out: The xtians are coming!

This sort of thing characteristically does not go down well with my secular, agnostic and atheistic friends, all of whom – or else they would not be my friends – are deeply moral, thoughtful and highly evolved people. Many of whom decline to acknowledge the underlying religious inheritance that underpins our culture, or who consider it anachronistic.

That cultural inheritance was 4000 years in the making, and it was made by the most talented minds of untold generations who did little else than concern themselves with the philosophy of faith: What is a good life, and how do I live it?

In the past 60 years or so, we have traded God the loving father for government the harried nanny. The former was all-seeing and all-knowing, and offered rewards and punishments in the afterlife commensurate with your actions in this one. The latter more reliably provided you with material goods in the here and now, but probably wouldn’t catch you if you erred. And if they did, they probably would not convict you.

It is true, horrible crimes were committed in the past by those claiming God’s mantle for their ungodly acts. It is also true that the most prolifically murderous crimes of the past century were perpetrated by governments who were actively anti-theistic. I suspect that horrible crimes will be committed in the future by those to whom the entire argument is moot.

Thus, progress.

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