Everything falls apart

July 26, 2007

The sad unravelling of Scott Thomas Beauchamp, Alpha Company, 1/18th, 2BCT, 1st Infantry Division.

Oh, and TNR ** as well.

It’s sad, actually. All the way around. It’s sad to think that a man might join the Army and go to war not to serve his country, nor even to get money for college, but as a way of furthering his writing career by smearing the service of those who fight alongside him.

It’s sad to think that of all the stories coming out of Iraq and told by soldiers, TNR would choose a fabulist who stroked their cultural biases.

It’s sad to think that a company of line infantry is now under investigation because the Army will have to wrack them all to prove a negative. No matter how absurd the allegations.

It’s sad to think that with Western civilization locked in a mortal struggle with an implacable and murderous ideology, that nearly half of us would prefer not just to have us tie one hand behind our backs, but actively conspire to shove their heads up their asses while they’re at it.

Just sad.

** 10-25-20 Link unavailable; no substitute found – Ed.

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