Carry Me Back

Posted by lex, on June 16th, 2011

To ol’ Virginny.

Leaving this AM early-aye oh for Richmond, Virginia via a long, torturous route. Gone to see our only niece get hitched, like, and kids these days, I knew her when.

Back east where everyone talks genteel, and coffee is served with every meal, where dinnertime comes at noon, and supper comes with two kinds of meat, or you dare not call it supper. Where the gentlemen are all capital fellows, and the ladies wear white gloves, are there are no other sort of people. Where you call the waitress “ma’am” and everyone knows your family, boy, and don’t think you’ll get away with anything.

At least that’s the way I remember it.

I’ll be well off the grid for purt near the whole time, but intend to be back in battery again next Tuesday, the Good Lord willing and the crick don’t rise.

The keys are in it, talk amongst yourselves.


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