By Lex, on Thu – September 1, 2005


I’m about ready to deliver a certain biology teacher a richly deserved ass-beating.

Tried to help the Biscuit through some Biology homework this evening – she only started freshman year yesterday – and ran afoul of one of those teachers you occasionally hear about, but thankfully rarely meet.

Wait – roll the clock back 24 hours: She comes back from her first day, and we ask, “How was it?” Trying to be excited for her. First day of high school and all.

“It sucked.”

Ah. Faulty motivation, we wondered? “What happened?”

“Oh. My biology teacher introduced himself and told us that most of us would probably fail the course and have to take it again next year.”

Say what? Dunno about you, but I’d feel like a pretty poor teacher if I couldn’t get at least the middle and upper wedges of the bell curve across the finish line in the allotted time. But that just sets the stage – she had some pretty challenging work to do, and I felt good about myself being able to help. Had to take a break to go to the Kat’s Parent-Teacher intro, back home by 2000. To find the Biscuit waiting, lab handbook in hand. Turns out there was an experiment to do. Her teacher had told her class that he wasn’t interested in doing labs in the classroom unless they involved dangerous chemicals – they could do the rest of them on their own at home. This lab needed glycerin and a graduated cylinder, among other things, to make it work. So I bundled into the auto-voiture and went to the local science supply store for a graduated cylinder and some glycerin.

What, you don’t have a local science store in your neighborhood?

Turns out that we don’t either. Drove all over the place for the better part of an hour and couldn’t find anyone who even knew what either product was. Which was about what I expected at the beginning of the hunt.

So, I’m pretty steamed right now and you’ll forgive me (I hope) if I’m off my stride for a normal post.

More tomorrow, maybe. After I drop her off at school early to change teachers, and go looking for an explanation.

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