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Flying a Mustang in the 357th Fighter Group


I wrote about this the other day a bit –  Since hearing Bud talk about his times flying in the famous 357th Fighter Group, it’s been difficult to put his book down.

I’d like to say that he “puts you in the seat” during a mission into Germany, but I think that is a bit disrespectful to those who fought (and died) performing those missions.

However he sure tells the story well about what it was like to be one of the “Yoxford Boys”.

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Paul Allen’s Aviation Museum

Paul Allen's Aviation Museum

My idea of traveling Nirvana – whether I am going halfway around the world or just jumping in the car – is to just go with no specific daily destinations in mind. I don’t like things to be too structured.

Last week I had  5 days I could get away – responsibilities keep me around home most of the time these days – so I just got in the car and went – for 2,000 miles.  Ended up going up the OR coast – to Everett WA (just north of Seattle), back down to “hopefully” see Crater Lake and visit an aunt and cousin I hadn’t seen in decades.

The downside of traveling in this manner is that sometimes there isn’t a hotel room to be found. Last year there was a snowstorm about this time of year and while I was at Crater Lake, it was nowhere to be seen. This year the lake was fine with no place to stay.

Oh well.

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By lex, on March 6th, 2012

I supposed it had to happen eventually, everybody has one in time. And I had mine yesterday.

It was a good hop, really. Raging around down low, hiding in the mountains, waiting for a chance to pounce on the unwary. Although this is graduation week at the (prestigious) Navy Fighter Weapons School, and there are very few unwary students left. Still, good clean fun, and your host can say “Copy kill” with the best of them.

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A Quiet, Normal Life

By lex, on September 15th, 2010

Flight planning a 0945 launch to Scottsdale in a Cessna 182RG today, where we will discuss their tactical cross-domain guard (which runs natively in Linux).

Part of this will be fun, part less so. The distinction is left to the reader.

Talk amongst yerselves, whyncha.

Unless of course, you choose to continue hurling lame ad hominems * one against t’other, in which case leave off it, I beg.

A Quiet Normal Life

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Pros and Cons

By lex, on September 7th, 2010

The conventional landing gear equipped single engine aircraft is trickier to fly under normal operations, requiring exacting attention to wind corrections and drift in order to prevent the back end racing towards the front. Land in a crab, and sideloads kick the center of gravity out beyond the main wheels, while gyroscopic precession as the tail rises or plants subtly imparts yaw that, left un-countered, could result in a ground loop. Which – I am told – is nothing like as fun as an “air” loop.

But there are certain advantages as well:

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Wings of Gold

By lex, on June 30th, 2010

For most of my active flying career, Navy hemorrhaged pilots to the airlines as soon as their obligated service was complete. Accession of new aviation officers was structured with relatively low retention rates in mind, even after the payback period from winging was increased from five years to eight. Guys couldn’t wait to get out and start earning that huge paycheck, and all the ready room chat among the instructors at the training squadron was about FedEx or United interviews, and getting to 1500 hours for that Airline Transport Rating. People looked at you funny if you said you were in for the long haul.

These days, not so much:*

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Do you now feel safer?

Posted by Lex, on March 24th, 2008

Or otherwise

CHARLOTTE, N.C.– A US Airways pilot’s gun accidentally discharged during a flight from Denver to Charlotte Saturday, according to as statement released by the airline. The statement said the discharge happened on Flight 1536, which left Denver at approximately 6:45am and arrived in Charlotte at approximately 11:51am. The Airbus A319 plane landed safely and none of the flight’s 124 passengers or five crew members was injured, according to the statement. It was a full flight. And airline spokeswoman said the plane has been taken out of service to make sure it is safe to return to flight. A Transportation Safety Administration spokeswoman reached by WCNC Sunday said the pilot is part of TSA’s Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) program, which trains pilots to carry guns on flights. Andrea McCauley said the gun discharged in the cockpit, but she could not release how the gun was being transported at the time. She did not release the pilot’s name, but said he was authorized to carry the weapon and was last requalified in the FFDO program last November. A statement from TSA said the airplane was never in danger, and the TSA and the Federal Air Marshals Service are investigating the incident.

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