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Hang Tough


By lex, on November 27th, 2010

It’s my secret belief – well, now it’s out in the open – that many of the readers here watched the HBO miniseries, “Band of Brothers.” Among that number, no few read Stephen Ambrose’s book of the same name. Over the course of the miniseries we invited a company of World War II dogfaces who helped liberate Europe into our room week after week. If like me, you bought the DVD collection, maybe night after night. We got to know and appreciate the humor and sturdy courage of soldiers Guarneres, Toye, Effron, Liebgott and Malarkey. We appreciated the quiet professionalism of Sergeant Talbert. We nurtured a congenial contempt for Captain Sobel, who forged the soldiers and officers of Easy Company into a hardened fighting force, but was too pursued by his own demons and incompetency to lead them.

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R.I.P. George H.W. Bush

RIP G W Bush

George H. W. Bush in his Grumman TBF Avenger

The thought just came to me that he is the last President we had for which there was no polarization. Whether people voted for him or not, he was recognized as a good and decent man by the country.

One thing I want to add: While it is well known that he was the youngest US Naval aviator to enlist, and that he was shot down in the Pacific and rescued, it is not well known what would have been his fate had he been captured by the Japanese.

Something that stayed with me after years ago reading James Bradley’s book, Flyboys. This was his follow up book to Flags of our Fathers, the story of the Iwo Jima landing.

Chichi Jima is about 150 miles north of Iwo Jima, and was a hub for Japanese radio transmissions in the Pacific. Eight U.S. Navy Airmen were captured, with only Bush able to evade capture.

On the orders of the garrison commander, 5 of them were beaten, tortured and then beheaded. The Japanese then ate their livers.

The future of the country depended on a submarine commander seeing him in a raft on the Pacific.

Fair winds and following seas, Mr. President.

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The Posts of Neptunus Lex –  Carroll “Lex” LeFon – Back on the Web

The Posts of Neptunus Lex –  Carroll “Lex” LeFon – Back on the Web

…He said nice things, which is always gratifying. To know you left a bit of a mark, even in the final laps…”

Carroll “Lex” LeFon

November 3, 2011


A Bit about Lex for Those Who Are New

Carroll “Lex” LeFon was one of the first milbloggers who, within a few years, developed a world-wide audience with thousands of readers. Only he really didn’t think of himself as only a milblogger.  His blog was so much more – not only reporting on military news, but social discussions of the day, stories of his time in naval aviation, and insightful and inspiring essays on life.

Some of these stories are hilarious and some instructive. He encouraged people of various beliefs to join in the discussion. All that he asked was respect for one another and civility.

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Whisper: Open Thread

By Whisper, on March 7th, 2012

When Lex “left the keys in it” for me to be a guest blogger here about a year ago, we didn’t discuss what to do in this occasion.  I am at a loss.  I did feel the need to provide one place for your tributes and condolences to collect.  So here it is.

Whisper Open Thread

As Lex would say, talk amongst yourselves.


Very Respectfully,





From The Editor: Lex referred to his readers – The Lexicans – on more than one occasion as “some of the best friends I’ve never met”. I wonder if he ever knew how many of those were out there.

From his San Diego neighbor who knew Carroll LeFon but did not know the identity of Neptunus Lex, to a serviceman in Afghanistan to a young Frenchman,  many came to show their grief from around the world. They were grandmothers, truck drivers, active duty military, retired military, retired policemen, a friend of 20 years, even the Secretary of the Navy

They are here, in a .pdf file that will download. 

There is at least 1 on that list who didn’t know Lex in life but became a friend after reading some posts the next day,  realizing what a good man he was. 

We had all lost a good friend.

My thanks to advokaat and ColoComment for helping me with the .pdf file.

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A Personal Note from Secretary Ray Mabus

By Whisper, on March 8th, 2012

I mourn the passing of a great naval aviator, a professional analyst of all things naval, and a soulful and compelling writer of poetry and prose – Ray Mabus, SecNav. 

cross-posted at Naval Institute blog

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Eight Days

By lex, on February 19th, 2012

Kid had a pretty good run:

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Fiddler’s Green

By lex, on November 23rd, 2009

A Medal of Honor awardee, ** and the leader of the last bayonet charge in US military history has stepped into the clearing at the end of the path:

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