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Among The Joshua Trees

The link below has a few more pictures and a short video about this Lego build. I think it is quite interesting. The detail is incredible.

Lego Rolls Royce Trent 1000 Engine

LEGO Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 Jet Engine

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This is pretty cool in my estimation.
Thought, planning and dedication…………
There is a lot one can do with Legos these days.

Among The Joshua Trees

Lego Battleship

Yamato Class. Very detailed and quite impressive in my view. It must have taken some serious time and planning to get it right. The details are even down to the Chrysanthemum on the bow.

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A Real Man

I don’t think anyone here would have ever questioned the masculinity of our Beloved Lex.  He was a man’s man in all ways and worthy of swooning on the part of the Lex Babes.

Yes, I swoon once in a while.

Anyway, after going to today’s Daily Lex I went down the rabbit hole of archives and found this gem that showed us, very early on, just what the make of the man was:

Maybe I’m Just Anti-Social *

Originally posted in July 2004…it was in the infancy in his blog career and yet the fully-formed writer was evident:

A friend of our church friends showed up – younger (30), a little hyper-active. Voluminous, opinionated, manifesting scattered, non-contiguous thinking. I lay there on the blanket, and watched him somewhat bemusedly, quietly. Keeping my own counsel.

Go, read it.

**07-10-18 With Lex’s website beinkg down for years changed the link to our new one – Ed. 


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Rest in Peace, Master Chief

Originally published on July 31, 2006.


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My good friend Cindy King Barrow of Snigs Spot has a request.
She asked me to link the post from her blog. I cannot say no to her for this one.

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Whatever Free Time You Thought You Had…

Will now be sucked up here. Airplane pR0n of the best kind.  Embrace the fact that it’s Monday, it’s the summer, and you really, really want to just check out this great collection of flight test, moto, manufacturer and just flat out great airplane flicks!  Go on, I dare you not to watch at least one.  Oh, and then bookmark the site. 🙂


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The world’s longest swan’s song hits the final stanza

Originally published July 29th, 2006.

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The third law of the Navy

Originally published July 28th, 2006.


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Fulcrum and Flanker

The MiG-29 and Su-27 form the basis for the latest generation Soviet…whoops sorrys *cough* Russian fighters.

When I was growing up the jets were always enigmas to me. Needless to say,  so much has changed since the end of the Cold War.

Any my first encounter with the Fulcrum was in Quincy, IL at the airport, Quincy Regional Airport (KUIN). The MiGs (among other types) are owned by a DOD contractor called Air-USA. I was attending college in Quincy at the time (GO HAWKS!)

First flight of the Fulcrum in Quincy is here:

I have not seen a Flanker first hand but one was delivered to Pride Aircraft at Rockford, IL (KRFD) a few years ago and sold to an unknown private civilian owner.

Here’s a Discovery Wings channel documentary on the development of the early versions Fulcrum and Flanker:

Nowadays I can swing a kitty cat and hit a Fulcrum. The used to be flown by the Luftwaffe,  and the Polish AF so  NATO fighter pilots have been pretty well exposed to the Fulcrum.

While even more common in export versions, the Flanker has a little less exposure to NATO fighter pilots and still remains somewhat of a mystery. Limited exposure has been granted to USAF pilots to the SU-30 variant from Indian Air Force participation in Red Flag and other exercises.


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