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Friday Musings 11/07/08

Posted by lex, on November 7, 2008

Premium gas is back below $3.00 per gallon in San Diego, and I filled the tank up on the GS for $12 and a bit. That’ll last me through the next work week.

There’s change you can believe in.

So, yah, I’m back to commuting via moto, these days. Perforce, actually. On account of the fender benders and such. Not me, mind, but my sainted wife.

It was a mutual back-up scenario in one of those parking lots so common here in Southern California: Painted as though the whole world drove Mini Coopers, when in fact – as everyone knows perfectly well – they all drive SUVs and steroidal minivans, and that. The great, rough beasts. Whilst talking on their cell phones, and gesticulating with their mitts. The horror.

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Friday Musings 09/12/08

Poted by lex, on September 12, 2008

We seemed to have crossed some sort of visitor threshold in the last couple of weeks. Traffic rates of 1600-1700 hits per day went over the 2000 mark for several days in a row and have settled in at right about that number during work days.

What does that mean? Nothing really. We’re not taking on an airs or considering leasing office space. Just that you may see some new names in the comments boxes, people whom I ask you to to treat with our customary civility and grace.

Unless they immediately demonstrate themselves to be any of the usual brand of trolls, in which case I ask you to ignore them entirely. Paying them attention only enables their twisted psychopathies. They’ll be popping up making a nuisance of themselves all over the place.

We’ll have to spray.

Newer readers interested in naval aviation stories who have not plumbed the depths of the archives may find this short little story momentarily diverting.

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Friday Musings 12/01/06

Posted by Lex, on December 1, 2006

I always feel like I’ve been a bit cheated after having a BLT for lunch.

Bread is what holds a sandwich together, it is the indispensable handle of the sandwich. Bacon, lettuce and tomato?

These are garnishes. Something’s missing.

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