In Memory of CAPT Carroll “Lex” LeFon, and the Wonderful Community He Fostered

Welcome. The idea was floated that a ‘talk amongst yourselves’ blog would be a good addition to for the Non-Facebook Crowd. Here it is.


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Some Pictures of New Orleans 1 Year After Katrina

These days it seems my memory comes and goes. Someone today reminded me that yes, 10 years have already gone by.

In 2006 my niece was getting married so instead of flying back I took my old (300,000+ miles) Mercedes on a 7,492 mile lap of America.

It was the kind of traveling that I love to do – other than the obligatory places to show up, America was mine to come and go as I pleased. I visited some friends in Oak Ridge TN and since Katrina had just been a year prior, and I had never seen New Orleans, thought I would use that as a waypoint.

After all it was only 800 miles out of the way.

I stayed in the suburb of Slidell after a long drive, and it seemed pretty normal.

Next morning I drove into New Orleans and that was different. Seemed other-wordly.  That main boulevard you see – with the boarded up windows – was all under the water line.

Took a Gray Line tour, and the guide thanked us profusely for coming. Their business was down 90%.

Some things I really remembered – seeing a huge amusement park – a 6 Flags park, all closed. As was a giant shopping center.

Those bent rusty steel girders you see were near the 9th Ward where the water spilled from the canal.

There was a gated community all abandoned – you could have any home you wanted for about $50,000 but you couldn’t insure them as they were all flooded. I remember seeing a newer Mercedes S Class with spray paint on the roof saying don’t tow it.

As the rescuers floated by the homes they would spray paint the outside – I forget what it meant but it was divided into quadrants with each quadrant meaning something different.

The French Quarter was unscathed – it was above sea level – were the French the only ones with any sense hundreds of years ago?

Golf courses were ruined – there was one near this park – because of the brackish water – but at the park there was some kind of festival going on – people were having a good time.

It was a memorable visit.

Anyway, here’s a few pictures.

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Mojave Desert Morning………………………………Sunrise


Another set of pics of the Desert that I live and work in.

Originally posted on Among The Joshua Trees:

I left for work a bit earlier than usual this morning. I keep the Nikon in the Titan for opportunities…………………………..Today was excellent. I am no Pinch Paisley by any stretch but I have fun with my basic D3000.

The sun had just peeked over the Rand Mountains and I even got the purple that is a desert thing over the Rocket Lab on the mountain near Boron.

I love the desert. It has a certain quality of silence in the morning. I do enjoy the drive into the base in the morning on days like this. It is a very awesome place.

Click em to make em big!

DSC_0008 The Air Force Rocket Lab in a longer shot.

The Air Force Rocket Lab on it's mountain. The Air Force Rocket Lab on it’s mountain.

DSC_0001 That small sliver of the rising sun over the Rand Mountains.


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‘Best Painted Aircraft‘ at Tigermeet: Eurofighter Typhoon: theBrigade


Awesome looking Typhoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted on Among The Joshua Trees:

This was in the Sunday Surfing today. This is one awesome looking Typhoon. They have the winner at this year’s Tiger Meet(Bucket List Item).

The stunning ‘Tiger Typhoon’ clinched the international award at the event in Schleswig, North Germany. In total over 60 aircraft from 12 different nations attended the Tigermeet which is a regular event aimed at encouraging nations to freely explore interoperability and joint operations in a informal and flexible environment.
The Typhoon Tiger is one of several Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft in the Luftwaffe’s 74th Tactical Fighter Wing, formerly known as JG 74. The Bavarian Tigers first formed in March 2013 following the restructuring of the Luftwaffe that year. The Fighter Wing is based at Neuburg and Lechfeld Air Base in Bavaria. The tiger tradition was handed over from former Fighter Bomber Wing 32 in Lechfeld to Fighter Wing 74.
Kommodore Frank Graefe, who heads the Fighter Wing…

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Royal International Air Tattoo, July 2015


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50 Years Ago Today….

From my Air Force friend (who did his share of flying in Vietnam)

50 years ago the first counter-air mission against SAM sites – 27 July 1965.

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Carroll Lefon Challenge Coins

Dwight Cardwell and I have been discussing them, trying to figure out how many we’d need to order and how to distribute them, etc. We need a count, so if you would, in the comments below please enter the number that you would be ordering. To make it really easy for this simple guy to add up, just the numeral please.

Also, could one of you admin types pin this post so everyone has a chance to see it? We’ll leave it up until August 15. That will give us plenty of time (about three weeks) to get a count.

Assuming that we order 400, the cost for 1 would be $3.80. Buying envelopes and postage would add another $6 to ship one. I think we could distribute a good number during meetups in Nov. in SD and CT and save that postage. I’m not looking to make any money off these. Again, the design is below.


.Lex Proof From CC


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Polak always welcome in my house

A very good video from the Duxford Flying Legends weekend recently.


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