In Memory of CAPT Carroll “Lex” LeFon, and the Wonderful Community He Fostered

Welcome. The idea was floated that a ‘talk amongst yourselves’ blog would be a good addition to for the Non-Facebook Crowd. Here it is.


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Challenge Coin Update

With the first batch out the door I’ve noticed that there were several requests from people who did not post in the original thread we put up to gauge interest and size the order. We ordered about 70 extra. Now, we probably won’t run out, but to be safe, if you did post in that original thread you should get your email address to     ASAP. I’ll be putting together packages for shipping as they come in, so even if you haven’t paid or your check is in the mail, your coins will be set aside.

With screen names from the blog (God I hate that word) and Facebook differing from names on Pay Pal I can’t always match them up so I can’t always tell if an order came from someone who didn’t respond earlier.

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Interesting Neighbor

I have waved to Jerry for years – was surprised to learn he is 90 years old – doesn’t look or act like it.

His daughter’s old BMW was on the street and someone hit it during the night – left with no note.

So I had to tell him about the 10% Rule, as taught to me by a Marine LT 43 years ago at the Oakland Reception Station. Now I’ll have you know that the LT wasn’t directing this at me but at our motley civilian group as a whole.

For those of you unaware of the 10% Rule it is simple. For any given population sample, 10% will fark it up for the other 90%. 

And in the intervening years, in my informal observations it seems to be a constant.

So anyway, upon hearing about the 10% rule as told to me by the Marine LT Jerry asked me if I was in the Corps.

Had to tell him no, Army,  but at the height of Vietnam draftees would count off by 2’s – half for the Marines; half for the Army. I guess that is why the LT was there.

Jerry said he was in the Corps during the close of WW2, and what a story he had.

His unit was deployed to Okinawa, but at the last minute he was assigned sea duty on the Missouri.

He was part of the honor guard and 40′ from MacArthur and Wainwright and the Japanese delegates during the surrender ceremony.

 He also  learned that his CO from his old unit, all of 27 years old with a wife and child and considered the “old man” as is known in combat units, was killed by friendly fire from the Missouri during the invasion.

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Lex LeFon Challenge Coins

OK, Boys & Girls, being an astute bunch, you’ve noticed a change in my profile picture (on Facebook) and you’ve probably figgered that the coins are here. I’ve figured out how to distribute. At least I hope I have.

Dorothy Olson has kindly agreed to collect names and addresses and to compile mailing labels. I’ve been to the USPS to confirm that the envelopes I have will work and to figure out the postage. Dorothy’s coin is in the mail to test it out.

Costs: $6.00 per coin. Shipping is $2.55 for one coin and $.50 for each additional coin. This will work for packages up to 13 oz. which is 6 coins or so. Being a recovering accountant, I brushed off my rusty skill and worked out this handy table:

Number Price Postage Total
1 6.00 2.55 8.55
2 12.00 3.05 15.05
3 18.00 3.55 21.55
4 24.00 4.05 28.05
5 30.00 4.55 34.55
6 36.00 5.05 41.05

If you wanted more than 6 we will have to either send two packages or I will have to work out the postage separately. It shouldn’t be a big deal.

Hopefully, you have a Pay Pal account. If so, send the appropriate amount to and please remember use “Send Money to Family or Friends” and don’t mention that it’s for a purchase or product. That way they won’t bang me for their fee.

Also, and this is important, send an email with your name and address to Dorothy Olson at

She will be prepping the mailing labels for me, as I said.

I hope to get these out ASAP but I hope you will be patient.

Ok, now I have to go read the messages and comments I see pouringLex Coin Final in.


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A Trip To Reno Yesterday


Yesterday I decided to jump in the car and poot over the Sierras to see a day of the Reno Air Races. I believe when they started these in 1964 they were trying to resurrect some of the great races from the 1930s, like the Cleveland Races. I don’t know of any similar races in the world, although a few, like the Mojave, have come and gone.

When they started Bob Hoover kept track of the race from above in his yellow P-51 Mustang, , “Old Yeller”. In the intervening years, the unlimiteds have become so fast that the chase plane is now a T-33 jet.

Anyway, enjoy some of the pictures – over the years I have met Pappy Boyington – he used to go up there to sell his books and prints – this year it was Bud Anderson.

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Pelican Leads A Three Ship………………………………

From Beautiful Morro Strand State Beach on the evening of Friday, 4 September. This was mostly luck……………….Of which I will take as much as I can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Attention all hands – New Commander, USN

Congratulations `Whisper`. Splice the Mainbrace.


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Vietnam: An Amazing Helicopter Rescue


Just finished watching this on Netflix – streaming – and fortunately it is on YouTube.

The story of how 2 Huey pilots, one flying an “unarmed” VIP helicopter, rescued 100 Special Forces and South Vietnamese soldiers who were surrounded by 500 NVA.

Even more amazing the Hueys had to “make their own landing zone – descend though 40′ of bamboo with their rotors chopping the bamboo like a Weed Wacker (and thanks to Bell for making the rotors so strong)

Some great home video shots of the massive training facility at Ft Wolters, TX.

It’s worth seeing. 

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