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Posted by Lex, on October 17, 2010


A sculptor in the UK spent 17 years and 5,000 hours carving out a replica of HMS Victory – Lord Nelson’s flagship at Trafalgar – out of a block of lower deck wood from the original ship.


Beauty bordering on madness.


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Art and the Academy

Posted by lex, on April 17, 2008


If, like me, you have a residual image of art as something transcendently beautiful, something full of joy and wonder that inspires our finest sensibilities, something brought forth through special talent and great effort, then you are – like me – apparently out of mainstream academic thought.

Wikipedia helps to limn the philosophical edges:

Traditionally the term art was used to refer to any skill or mastery, a concept which altered during the Romantic period, when art came to be seen as “a special faculty of the human mind to be classified with religion and science”.[1] Generally art is a (product of) human activity, made with the intention of stimulating the human senses as well as the human mind; by transmitting emotions and/or ideas. Beyond this description, there is no general agreed-upon definition of art. Art is also able to illustrate abstract thought and its expressions can elicit previously hidden emotions in its audience.

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