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Pistol packin’ padres

Posted by lex, on November 21, 2007


I hardly know what to think about this:

British military chaplains in Afghanistan are urging an historic change in the rules to allow them to carry weapons when out on patrol alongside troops fighting the Taliban, because of the risk of capture.

For the first time in any theatre of conflict chaplains are no longer considered to be protected by the rules of war, because of the propaganda Taliban extremists would gain from showing “trophy” footage of a captive Christian priest.

By long tradition, clergy serving in Britain’s armed forces have not carried weapons in war-zones, but now some Royal Navy Commando chaplains want to be allowed to carry a side-arm, stating that as a last resort they would rather take their own life than fall into the hands of the Taliban.

It certainly says something about the nature of the enemy that we face that a priest – who after all, as vested members of the C of E almost certainly believes self-murder to be an unpardonable sin – would consider taking his own life rather than submit to capture.

Fully realizing that back in my own pistol packin’ days, if I ever ended up with dust on my boots on the wrong side of the line, I intended to count the rounds as they left the muzzle and think long and hard on where the last one would be aimed.

But still. Geez.

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A tired trope

Posted by lex, on August 20, 2008


The Prof points us to this dissection of Barack Obama’s claim that America’s greatest moral failure in his lifetime has been our collective lack of charity:

Whatever the case is with his own selfishness, the evidence of an internationally superior American generosity is impressive, beginning with the numbers on our charitable giving. We give twice as much as the British per capita, and according to The American magazine, seven times as much as the Germans and 14 times as much as the Italians.

Even in inflation-adjusted dollars, the amount given each year just keeps getting larger, and meanwhile, we do far more volunteer work than in other industrialized countries.

This old canard has so often been trotted out – and so ritually debunked – that one wonders why anyone bothers anymore. It is only barely possible that otherwise intelligent, “reality based” people can continue to believe something that’s patently untrue. Do they just like the way it sounds? Or do they really believe that they can fool the rest of us?

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2 Good Friends


Photo via Getty Images

Over the years, thanks to screenwriter Robert Avrech, I developed an appreciation for classic Hollywood. As is my nature, that which has interested me I really delved into research to learn all that I can.

Audrey Hepburn was, according to her son Sean Ferrer, An Elegant Spirit. No Hollywood diva, she. She grew up in Holland under the Nazis nearly starving, because her father felt that the Nazis were on the verge of invading England, and he should take his family to Europe.

Talk about timing.

Her first love was ballet, and for reasons I forget couldn’t make the cut, and started acting.

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Molly suddenly realized she had a problem

When she started using this…

H/T to a fellow Lexican for finding this…

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The appendix of Navy slang

Posted by Lex, on April 11, 2008


This also had to happen eventually:

Civilians now can learn the U.S. military’s unique language and slang and get a taste for Navy life aboard warships, carriers and submarines through a Navy slang Web site at the Wiktionary free dictionary

Who knew that an aircraft carrier is a “birdfarm” and a failed carrier landing, a “bolter”? A bolter is when an approaching aircraft misses the arresting wire with its tailhook and has to go around. A “ramp strike” is when an aircraft comes in drastically low for a carrier landing and strikes the “round down,” or stern of the ship, often with devastating results.

Well, most of you knew. And for those that didn’t, here’s the whole list.

Not all of them are entirely suitable for the faint-hearted.

This story, by the way, pretty much redefines the term “Tailhooker”:

A Navy officer testified in federal court in Washington yesterday that she moonlighted as a call girl for Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s escort service for six months, starting in 2005, when the military says she was assigned to the Naval Academy as a supply officer.

I guess the locality pay in Annapolis just wasn’t cutting it.

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Pork Busting

Posted by lex, on December 22, 2007


It’ll never happen of course, but it’d be fun to see the fireworks if a president who really cared about fiscal discipline more than underwriting political pork ever followed this finding of the Congressional Research Service to its rational conclusion:

A December 18 legal analysis by the Congressional Research Service concluded that ‘because the language of committee reports does not meet the procedural requirements of Article I of the Constitution — specifically, bicameralism and presentment – they are not laws and, therefore, are not legally binding on executive agencies… Given both the implied legal and constitutional authority as well as the long-standing accepted process of Presidents, it appears that a President can, if he so chooses, issue an executive order with respect to earmarks contained solely in committee reports and not in any way incorporated into the legislative text.’

Whee, that’d be a ride, and it’d make the the current tussle over executive and legislative privilege look like a preschool school brawl. Congress exists on an all-pork diet and would react violently. It’s more than likely that a bipartisan coalition would defund the entire bureaucracy in  a fit of pique.

But I would so love to watch the Byrds and Murthas of the world collapse into apoplexy.

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Fly little turtle!

Posted by lex, on December 12, 2007


Throwing them up in the air is the easy part.


It’s catching them, that can prove challenging.

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