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Royce Williams DESERVES a Medal of Honor

97-Year-Old Veteran Recounts Top Secret Aerial Battle Hidden From American Public for Decades

In an aerial “dogfight” that made U.S. naval history, Korean War veteran Royce Williams beat out seven Russian fighter jets on his own through nearly impossible odds—one he was forbidden from discussing for more than 40 years amid Cold War tension.

The year was 1952, in the midst of the Korean War. Williams was stationed near the 38th parallel—the demarcation point between North and South Korea—not knowing a battle about to commence would forever make him a legend.

“Every pilot that meets [Williams] reveres him … he’s the ultimate top-gun legend,” veteran and friend Steve Lewandowski told The Epoch Times.

Williams’s prowess even caught the attention of producers from Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun” movie franchise, according to Lewandowski, who consulted with Williams on his experiences to potentially add to their storyline.


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Russia Today: Living Under the Soviet Union’s Shadow?

For more years than I can remember since 1992, I have wondered if the West squandered an opportunity to help bring democracy to Russia. Much like during the height of the Cold War in the 1950s, when people accused others of “losing” Eastern Europe after WW2. It was a UVA Professor who was very influential to my thinking who said that Eastern Europe wasn’t ours to “lose” – the Soviets already occupied it. Although surely one could argue that a geopolitically naïve Franklin Roosevelt erred greatly in agreeing to let Stalin take Berlin – and have his spheres of influence. But then, the frail and dying Roosevelt believed Stalin when he promised to allow free elections.

But could Russia have evolved differently today had Boris Yeltsin had some more help and encouragement?

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PDR – Paintless Dent Removal

I thought I’d give the Net a couple of tips I have used for years on some cosmetic repair of your cars. One is an economical (and better!) means of removing small dings and dents, and the other is to repair cracks and repainting your color-coded bumpers. That too is far more cost-effective than letting the traditional body shop do the work.

I had heard of PDR from my nephew John, who decided to learn the trade some years ago. Before I got to learn more about the industry, I thought as a trade it would be pretty much a dead-end as far as the ability to make some decent money.

And that assumption was wrong.

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Ted Lasso

I am still getting used to this new means of watching television – streaming. I joined Netflix a good 5 years ago…and felt that it had such a reservoir of good programming, I thought I would never leave it.

But competition with new streaming venues have affected them. When Disney, who owns the Marvel franchise, started their own channel, Netflix lost a number of great series, such as Daredevil, The Punisher, Jessica Jones….

Anyway, last month I left them and apparently I wasn’t alone. Over 200,000 have left them recently, and a few days ago, their stock prices was down 36% in one day.

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The Finns are an interesting people. Lex had an interesting and funny post about his visit to Finland, and having “Good Lex” having to battle “Bad Lex”, and prevailing, but nevertheless having to do some ‘splaining to The Hobbit back in Sandy Eggo.

I had a Finnish business partner for 20 years.

Estel wasn’t even a Finnish name, but her parents named her that in gratitude to a Mr. Estel from Missouri who, immediately after the war, sent her family provisions during a time of devastation and deprivation.

She emigrated to California with her brother in the late 60s, first settling in Redondo Beach. She must have become a Californian, because when she would come into our office before the heater kicked in, she would complain of the cold, it being all of 60 degrees or so.

I used to kid her about that.

Because it gets cold in Finland.

Real cold.

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Tuition for a Taco

Have you ever had a friend you have known for a long time – 30 years or more – for which you could always reconnect no matter how long you hadn’t seen each other?

I had 2.

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Everybody Comes To Rick’s

January 25, 2022

In the 1980s someone, either as a joke or an experiment, sent the screenplay of this unproduced play to various movie studios. None considered it to be a project, a handful “got it”, but most came back rejected, for their various reasons.

Not enough sex“, said one. “Too much dialogue“, said another.

The play rights were eventually bought by Warner Brothers Studio for the ridiculous sum (even then) of $20,000.

It became on the silver screen one of the greatest movies ever made.

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A Post From Lex Twice As Critical Today

What kind of people, in the name of political short-term gain, would give a wreckage of a country to those who follow us?

Time is running out to the point of no return.

If there is a lesson in all of this it is that our Constitution is neither a self-actuating nor a self-correcting document. It requires the constant attention and devotion of all citizens. There is a story, often told, that upon exiting the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin was approached by a group of citizens asking what sort of government the delegates had created. His answer was: “A republic, if you can keep it.” 

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It’s not all about top speed

Or thrust-to-weight ratio.

Got an interesting link today from my Internet friend of many years, a retired Air Force test pilot.

Just as we had a top secret program for many years involving captured Soviet fighters, the Soviets had a few of ours.

And the conclusions of one of the Russians top test pilots at the time, in evaluating “The Foreigner” (an F-5 that came from Vietnam after we left) vs a MiG 21, were objective, at times, funny (didn’t know that Russian fighters did not use brakes integrated with the rudder pedals), and, most of all, surprising.

In simulated dogfights, the F-5 won every time.

Lex would have loved to have read this article. He had some flight time of his own in an F-5E, with some amusing stories.

The conclusion of the Soviet experts in confronting a Tiger after their tests?

Our “experts” suggested not to engage in a close dogfight, but to use the “hit-and-run” tactics instead.

More here.


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Part XXXI Supported and supporting

(Note: The author would like to express his grateful appreciation to Sgt. B.**, who penned this entry practically in its entirety, apart from the probably unnecessary framing overlaid for continuity’s sake. Semper Fi, Sergeant.)

It was still too soon for Hammer 21, or any of the CAS package airborne that day to know it, but by the time they had safely recovered back aboard the ship, the Marines to whom they had provided support would already be back in their forward operating base. The platoon commander of the three vehicle patrol was still in with G-2 and Ops debriefing the afternoon’s work, but as he headed into the HQ hooch, he asked his one of his squad leaders to try and find out who had been in the air that day to help – and to send him a “thank you note.” In the best traditions of the Marine Corps, the NCO ran with the mission. After a short landline phone call to the DASC to track down the details of the air mission, he found an unoccupied computer terminal, put his rifle safely close to hand, removed his helmet and body armor and stared at the blank screen for several moments forming his thoughts before shrugging and starting to type:

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