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It is best that Lex did not see this

Because he would be angered at what has become of his beloved Navy…

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Now that it has been over 9 years since Lex was taken from us I have felt ready to read his multipart posting of “Rhythms”, a story of life on a carrier.

It is a very well written description of that life, and holds your attention. I could not put it down until I finished it. I wish that he had published it. You learn quite a bit about life aboard a carrier and the various ratings and their tasks. We are fortunate to have such people protecting this nation

I have come to firmly believe that parts of Rhythms are autobiographical. Lex never names the carrier in Rhythms, but he gives a strong hint at the end when he describes the carrier’s pennant. It is the Gadsden “don’t tread on me” snake against a background of red and white horizontal stripes. That pennant is the oldest of the US Navy and is allowed to be flown only on designated ships — those that have the longest record of duty. A limited number of carriers flew it, and one is the Kitty Hawk, a carrier that Lex had written posts about (using a nastier name, since the carrier was so old).

Lex also had been an XO and flown in the Iraq war. He had been a Top Gun instructor. There is a character that he describes (posting in Oct 2005) leading a two-ship that takes out a time-critical target with a JDAM. The target was identified by someone going by the code name “Assassin” who was in close proximity to the target. Later on he quotes a “Sgt B” letter of thanks to another two-ship that rescued his marine group from a serious ambush (that he had listened in on). The XO is Lex, body and soul.

I hope that those who log in are able to read Rhythms. It is well worth your time.


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Not to Worry

Posted By lex, on October 19th, 2011

That computer virus that got itself into the Predator ground control station?

Just dumb luck, according to the USAF:

A computer virus that affected the US military’s drone fleet last month was not “specifically” aimed at the unmanned aircraft’s network, the head of US Strategic Command said Tuesday.

“It was a virus that we believe at this point entered from the wild, if you will, not specifically targeted at the RPA (remotely piloted aircraft) activities but entered through some other process,” General Robert Kehler told reporters.

“We’re not quite sure how that happened yet,” he said.

Discovered in mid-September at Creech Air Force base in Nevada, the virus infected computers in the ground control system for the drones, which is separate from the drones’ flight control system…

One possible route for the virus could have come through hard drives in the ground control system, as the removable drives are used to transfer data and moved from “machine to machine,” Kehler said.

“So that opens the possibility to get something introduced in the system,” he said.

A sophisticated attack which targeted the GCS would presumably be harder to discover. Learning that this was a self-inflicted wound via shared media, even if not specifically targeted, is not exactly cause for celebration.

03-14-21 – Lex had an earlier post detailing the virus – Ed.

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An Amazing Small Shop

Shelby-American, 1042 Princeton Dr, Venice, California

Between 1962 at their founding and 1965 there couldn’t have been more than a few dozen employees, including the bookkeeper and publicist. And yet, in 1965 they won the World Manufacturer’s Championship for Sports Cars, beating the likes of Ferrari and Jaguar.

The key was the people. From the mechanics, to the fabricators, to the world-class drivers.

And the circumstances.

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Not Done Meddling

By lex, on May 17th, 2011

Not content with stirring up trouble in the Levant through sponsorship of terrorist organizations and police states, Iran is looking to further destabilize an already unsteady Arabian Gulf:

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Good Luck With That

By lex, on April 18th, 2011

The Air Force is pushing to procure its next generation bomber using the same kind of rapid deployment capability it used for the MC-12 Project Liberty aircraft:

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Lex would have loved this

Richard Fernandez introduces the story of the Fighter Directors (FDOs) who protected our carriers in WWII Pacific campaign.

Space Invaders Off Okinawa, 1945


You can then follow his hot link to the full story…

This link gives the introduction, but also gives a table of contents with hot links that allow you to read the ful story. It is FASCINATING.

Read and enjoy. I know that Lex would have.

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The Appeal of Flight

I can remember exactly what I was doing when I decided I couldn’t be flying anymore.

Among the airplanes I rented was a Beechcraft Skipper.

They only made about 300 of these little Skippers for training purposes but even that plane was about $130 an hour to rent.

And that’s back in the 80s.

It weighed all of about 1300 pounds with an engine a little over 100 hp.

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Now Comes the Purge

Now Comes the Purge

Posted by lex, on December 21, 2010

Having won the fight against DADT, Richard Cohen leads the media elites calling for the heads of the vanquished:

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Vox Judicio

Posted by lex, on August 5, 2010

Federal Judge Vaughn Walker has exchanged his opinion on the matter of same sex marriage for the expressed preference of 7 million Californians.

The Volokh Conspiracy’s Dale Carpenter has the least emotionally freighted discussion of the ruling:

(Finding) a federal right to same-sex marriage itself, Walker leans on not one but two prominent constitutional arguments. First, he says that the fundamental right to marriage protected by the Due Process Clause includes the right to choose the sex of one’s mate. That’s because, he writes, sex-based classifications in marriage have long since been stripped away.  The ban on same-sex marriage is the vestige of discredited and long-abandoned sex discrimination in marriage.

Few courts upholding a right to SSM have used a fundamental-rights rationale (not even the original SSM decision, Goodridge, did so). It’s an aggressive claim, especially given the composition of the federal courts and the Supreme Court. I see little enthusiasm in this Court for expanding fundamental rights. If the Ninth Circuit and/or Supreme Court decide to reverse Walker’s ruling, they will be more likely to deal with this issue in a way that will set broader precedent. A minimalist decision for SSM by Walker could have left this matter undecided and thus would not have forced a higher court’s hand.

Me, I’m frankly tired about the whole argument. Rarely have such vast quantities of ink, passion and treasure been spilt on a subject of such lightly leveraged secular symbolism.

Become, grow, flourish, rut, procreate, decline, perish. Six out of seven ain’t bad.

So long as it’s only seven.

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