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Pistol packin’ padres

Posted by lex, on November 21, 2007


I hardly know what to think about this:

British military chaplains in Afghanistan are urging an historic change in the rules to allow them to carry weapons when out on patrol alongside troops fighting the Taliban, because of the risk of capture.

For the first time in any theatre of conflict chaplains are no longer considered to be protected by the rules of war, because of the propaganda Taliban extremists would gain from showing “trophy” footage of a captive Christian priest.

By long tradition, clergy serving in Britain’s armed forces have not carried weapons in war-zones, but now some Royal Navy Commando chaplains want to be allowed to carry a side-arm, stating that as a last resort they would rather take their own life than fall into the hands of the Taliban.

It certainly says something about the nature of the enemy that we face that a priest – who after all, as vested members of the C of E almost certainly believes self-murder to be an unpardonable sin – would consider taking his own life rather than submit to capture.

Fully realizing that back in my own pistol packin’ days, if I ever ended up with dust on my boots on the wrong side of the line, I intended to count the rounds as they left the muzzle and think long and hard on where the last one would be aimed.

But still. Geez.

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A tired trope

Posted by lex, on August 20, 2008


The Prof points us to this dissection of Barack Obama’s claim that America’s greatest moral failure in his lifetime has been our collective lack of charity:

Whatever the case is with his own selfishness, the evidence of an internationally superior American generosity is impressive, beginning with the numbers on our charitable giving. We give twice as much as the British per capita, and according to The American magazine, seven times as much as the Germans and 14 times as much as the Italians.

Even in inflation-adjusted dollars, the amount given each year just keeps getting larger, and meanwhile, we do far more volunteer work than in other industrialized countries.

This old canard has so often been trotted out – and so ritually debunked – that one wonders why anyone bothers anymore. It is only barely possible that otherwise intelligent, “reality based” people can continue to believe something that’s patently untrue. Do they just like the way it sounds? Or do they really believe that they can fool the rest of us?

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Th’olympic spirit, part deux

Posted by lex, on August 9, 2008


Iran’s not feeling it either, actually:

Iranian religious figures have criticized that Olympic female rower Homa Hosseini was chosen as the flagbearer of Iran, calling the move a ‘heresy’.

“To make a woman march with the flag of the Islamic Republic in Beijing, is pure heresy and shows total disobedience of the laws mandated by our spiritual guides,” said Seyye Ahmad Elmalhoda, leader of Friday prayers in Iran’s holy city of Mashad…

“To make this woman march means to openly declare war to our religious values. Whoever is responsible for this unforgivable act, he should know that this gesture constitutes an obstacle for the ‘appearance’ of Mahdi,” said Elmalhoda.

Dern. And I was so looking forward to seeing him.

If only these so-called “athletes” knew their place.


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Now that’s teamwork

Posted by Lex, on August 12, 2008


Witch doctor, US Navy save hiker

A MELBOURNE lawyer who became seriously ill while hiking on the Kokoda Trail was guarded by a witch doctor in a remote Papua New Guinea village until she was rescued by the US Navy.

Debra Paver had seizures and fell into a coma on the trail last week.

While she clung to life, a woman witch doctor brandishing a machete watched over her…

At the request of the US embassy in Port Moresby, a helicopter was sent on Friday from the ship.

The helicopter landed on a small patch of land in the mountains in thick fog at 1800 metres.

Ms Paver, 44, of Brighton East, was flown to the USNS Mercy and admitted to the intensive care unit where she began to recover from hyponatremia, low sodium levels in the blood.

Join the Navy, see the world. Provide material support to Papua New Guinian witch doctors.

Some guys will do anything for a little liberty.

Update: As Sim points out in comments, the Mercy’s CO has his own blog and talks about the event. Cool.

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On to Richmond

Posted by lex, on August 5, 2008


Municipalities concerned about violent crime rates in their communities and dismayed at the Supreme Court finding in Heller that cements a public right to legal gun ownership would be wise to point themselves towards Richmond, Virginia for a dose of common sense. The capital legislature of the Old Dominion teamed with local, state and federal law enforcement to 1) enact, and 2) vigorously prosecute strict laws concerning the criminal possession and use of firearms. Violent crime in what was once the country’s third most dangerous city has dropped over 50%.  By 2007, Richmond had dropped off the list of the top 25 most dangerous cities. This in a state with some of the most liberal gun ownership laws * in the country.

Before Project Exile began in 1997, Richmond had the third-highest murder rate in the nation, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation statistics. Guns were the weapons of choice. That year, then Deputy Assistant U.S. Attorney James Comey and Assistant Federal Prosecutor David Schiller promised 100% prosecution of gun crimes. They ran television and radio ads. A 40-foot city bus was emblazoned with the message: “An Illegal Gun Gets You 5 Years in Federal Prison.” Bail was unlikely, parole nonexistent, and inmates facing federal time were more likely to be sent to prisons out of state.

Imagine: Enforcing laws against the criminal use of firearms rather than the law-abiding ownership of them.

What a concept.


** Link changed 03/19/18 – Ed.


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Affirmative Action

Al Qaeda-style:

One former CIA weapons of mass destruction analyst who tracked (Aafia) Siddiqui said that she became extremely frustrated years ago, however, when she was told by senior Al Qaeda leaders to help their cause by getting pregnant.

“They told her that the best thing she could do for Al Qaeda was to start popping out little jihadists,” said the former CIA officer, who left the agency in 2006. “She was furious; she knows more about this stuff than pretty much anyone in the organization.”

Siddiqui never gave up her desire to launch attacks against the United States and its allies, according to FBI and Justice Department records made public Monday night.

According to court papers, Afghan national police officers in Ghazni province, south of Kabul, the capital, observed Siddiqui acting suspiciously near the provincial governor’s compound July 17.

When they searched her handbag, they found documents relating to explosives, chemical weapons and weapons involving biological materials and radiological agents, along with descriptions of landmarks in New York City and elsewhere in the United States, and liquid and gel substances sealed in bottles and jars.

Siddiqi, who had earned an undergrad degree from MIT in biology and a PhD in behavioral neuroscience from Brandeis (of all places for an Islamist terrorist!) allegedly served as a US-based “fixer” for admitted 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, before decamping back to her native Pakistan in 2002 as the dragnet tightened around her. Arrested last month in Afghanistan, she apparently managed to wrest a weapon away from a distracted US guard and shoot the room up before being herself taken down.


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The BS-1

Posted by Lex, on August 6, 2008

Not content with jet setting around the globe or cooling a 10,000 square foot house in Tennessee, the Goracle has taken some of the folding cash that comes with being a climate change profit prophet and plunked it down on an “environmentally friendly” 100-foot houseboat. PJ media’s Steve Gill has more on the “Bio-Solar One.”

According to (boat designer Bill) Austin, the engines are bio-diesel fueled and Gore can expect to use about two gallons an hour to cruise Center Hill Lake. With a 500 gallon capacity Austin says Gore won’t need a refill for “two or three years” though he admits having “no clue” about where Gore could get bio-diesel at the lake. The Hurricane Marina dock doesn’t sell it.

What is it they say? “It’d be a lot easier believing in the climate change crisis if those folks running around warning about the crisis started acting like they believed in it.”


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