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The Highwaymen

As far as video streaming goes for my home entertainment, I have been late to the party. However, once there, I have realized how much of the video world I have missed.

Some of the bigger streaming companies are taking the place of Hollywood, and making their own movies and series.

So much so that for Netflix, Hollywood is starting to take them seriously and view them as a tough competitor.

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Lost and Found

On occasion, I have a week’s free time or so, and have always used it for a road trip. I’ve used it for a Lexican get-together in Sandy Eggo, trips to the Southwest, Idaho, Oregon…

I wanted to see Crater Lake, OR back in 2017 and as it was, fellow Lexican ColoComment was going to be there at that time, too.

So we decided to see it together.

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Beware Of The Cheerleader

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

—Mark Twain


A bully confronted this young lady and got more than she probably expected.

Bullies generally prey upon those they perceive as weak and vulnerable. I came across this video today and immediately thought of the character Claire Bennet (The Cheerleader) in the old NBC series Heroes.

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A Highway 50 Story

In all my years of driving, I try to take the roads less traveled, unless I have to get there reasonably fast. My one exception – where beautiful scenery and Interstates converged – was Interstate 70 when I was driving through the San Rafael Reef at sunset a couple of years ago. It was so breathtaking that I had to pull off to a rest stop and take this picture:


A Highway 50 Story

I-70 going though the San Rafael Reef at dusk

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What the pilots say about the F-35

Before I read this, I thought it was just going to be people giving the company line – but I think it is interesting.

What truly differentiates a 5th generation fighter? Is it performance? (answer NO)

How will strategies change?

Worth a read.

And thanks to Smithsonian’s Air & Space magazine for publishing most of their magazine articles on the web.

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Virginia City NV Part 4

History has always fascinated me because how we are today is because how we were. Economic forces, which in large measure affected political measures, and add a pinch of personalities to the mix.

So how did the Comstock Lode affect us today?

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Virginia City NV Part 3

Before we proceed, I found an excellent overview of Virginia City today – both an aerial view and surface view.

During it’s heyday, there were about 25,000 people living here. Today, as of 2010, there’s 855.  Before our guide, Joe Curtis, had to leave to attend to the fire threatening Virginia City, he took us for a walk down the C Street, which is the main street. Imagine getting off the train, the Virginia and Truckee, and seeing a sky almost black from the smoke of the mills, running 24 hours a day. While the city was among the dirtiest, it was the richest and alive 24 hours a day.

I can’t readily find the number of saloons and other venues of entertainment in that era, suffice it to say there were many.

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