Lost and Found

On occasion, I have a week’s free time or so, and have always used it for a road trip. I’ve used it for a Lexican get-together in Sandy Eggo, trips to the Southwest, Idaho, Oregon…

I wanted to see Crater Lake, OR back in 2017 and as it was, fellow Lexican ColoComment was going to be there at that time, too.

So we decided to see it together.

For those who haven’t been there, from the town of Prospect to Crater Lake is maybe 25-30 miles. But as we discovered, the weather can change dramatically. That is, from no snow to a good snow shower.

Not to be deterred, we pressed on. I did wonder if I was going to need tire chains, which I did not have.

And one of the great bargains in life is the National Park visitor’s pass for “seniors”.  At the time, for $10 you would get a lifetime pass to enter any national park….free. Now they are $80, still a bargain.

I used the pass, and upon reaching the visitor’s center, with a promised gorgeous view of Crater Lake, this is what we saw:

Lost and Found

Crater Lake on October 11, 2017 – notice the beautiful deep-blue water?

About all we saw of interest was the visitor’s center inside. Fun Fact: Crater Lake gets all of its water from snowfall – no streams or rivers. We could understand the snow part.

Anyway, after the visitor’s center, there was nothing else to see so we headed back to Prospect.

Only my visitor’s pass was…..missing. I retraced my steps (which were easy to find that day) and … nothing.

Looked under the car seat, in between the seat and the console, under the floor mat…nothing.

The only logical explanation was that it disappeared into the space-time continuum, never to be seen again.

Until today, 1 1/2 years later.

I had the car at my shop and when I picked it up, there was the card, sitting in the console.

I had to make a U-Turn and ask Ernie where he found it.

He had to take part of the dash apart to fix a vacuum leak, and found it buried in the bowels of the dashboard.

He said that occasionally when people put things on the top of the dash, the object  falls in the heater/defroster vents, only to work themselves down into the nether-regions.

Which wasn’t the case with mine (update: at least I don’t think so); somehow it got behind the ashtray. (I used the ashtray to store small things).

Some years ago, while working on my late (and missed) Toyota MR2 my watch disappeared, only to be found 10 years later.

That one was “somewhere” in the engine compartment, discovered by my mechanic when he had to pull the engine out. Took a lickin’ and kept on tickin’.

Who knows what secrets your car holds?

Lost and Found1


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