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Fate and Mystery

As I have mentioned from time to time, I am fascinated by history. Not only how the past made us as we are, but how many seemingly small and inconsequential events can have profound consequences.

I am currently reading a book by a favorite author, Erik Larson, on Winston Churchill during the time of the Blitz.

It’s his contention that a German navigator’s error, in mistakenly jettisoning their bombs over London rather than a country field during inclement weather, led to Hiroshima.

Personally I think that may be a bridge too far, for reasons that I outlined here.

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On Politics, American Style

By lex, on November 28th, 2003

Fear and loathing in the blogosphere

Once, at a nice Irish pub (I know many) in Alexandria, Virginia, I was having a soothing pint of Guinness (for strength!) while the ladies of the household were Christmas shopping. A young lady walks in to the rather crowded, very republican (in the Irish sense) place, plops down next to me and smiles to me nicely. Which doesn’t happen all that much, having passed that age where things like that usually happen (and having missed them having happened at all, the first time through). She strikes up a conversation, and it’s quickly apparent to me that 1) she is an employee of a rather sensitive government agency (at the clerical level, I gathered) and 2) this wasn’t the first bar she had frequented that winter afternoon. Sort of explained why she was being so nice to a gent at least 15 years older than her: she had her beer goggles on! Still, company is always pleasant on a cold day, and who was I to judge another’s use of that ol’ demon rum? Been there, done that, myself.

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Happy Fadder’s Day!

By lex, on June 15th, 2008

Your correspondent has spent the last four weeks “off” in between careers, which time he has spent placing polishing touches on the World’s Longest Master’s Thesis – the higher I climb, the taller the hill – fixing the domestic irrigation system, flaunting the manifest will of Nature’s God by trying to grow grass in the coastal desert, hitting the gym from time to time in a vain effort to slow down the hands of time – they will not be stopped, far less turned back – flying the occasional airplane, penning the random bit of desultory (albeit deathless, no doubt) bloggery and generally being incautiously underfoot of the high, stern ladies of the demesne.

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Taking Advantage of Overseas Stations

Today on the F/B page Lex’s post was about being stationed for 2 years – along with the Clan Neptuni – in Japan.

I do wish he had gotten into more detail about what the Clan did in Japan for those 2 years, but I suspect they took some side trips. Of course now that I think of it they had a baby.

But still, I hope at least they took some side trips.

I wonder if they stayed at a Ryokan?  Or took an Onsen? Made any day or weekend trips? Had a meal at a typical Japanese restaurant? Rode the bullet train?

Japan is on my “to do” list.

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My 10 Favorite Lex Posts

A few weeks ago, someone in the F/B group suggested for the new members who hadn’t read any of Lex to post 1 per day.

So I started simply going down the list of “The Best of” index. Even within that list I have some favorites out of the favorites. So here is my list, and I’ll try to keep the reasons “succinct but vague” so as not to spoil a new reader.

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He Still Headed The Wrong Way

A German Wrong Way Corrigan?


I just finished watching a YouTube video on a comparison between the Focke-Wulf FW-190 and the P-51 Mustang.

Learned a lot of things.  I knew that the Mustang really came into its own when a Rolls Royce test pilot, Ronald Harker,  decided to substitute the Allison V12 for a Merlin. Didn’t realize that (A) the Merlin was still more powerful at 20,000 feet  than the Allison was at sea-level, and (B) fuel consumption was significantly improved. It was a win-win, and turned the Mustang from a good fighter to an icon. Actually it was a “win-win-win” as it gave the Mustang the high altitude performance that it lacked.

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Aviation – When to Listen to the Computer

I’ve really been enjoying this series on aviation airliner accidents. When I used to fly in the 80s, I used to read accounts of various accidents in aviation magazines to see if there was something I could learn from them.

And I believe Lex’s account of his flying has helped some readers somewhere.

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