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Fun At The Movies         



During the last 6 months or so I have become a regular visitor to our theater. While I have seen some recent ones, some memorable, some forgettable (using the Internet Lexicon YMMV) – the movies I mainly  like to see are the ones that have endured over time.

Part of this appreciation came from 2 friends, one of whom is an accomplished Hollywood Screenwriter, who have both given me an appreciation for classic Hollywood.

Never thought I could find pleasure in a movie made in 1928, at the end of the silent movies, but if you can find it view Show People , staring Marion Davies.

Marion stars as a poor naïve girl from Georgia, who comes out to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune.  She becomes a star and can laugh at herself in how it changed  her. The audience laughs right along with her almost 90 years later.

Truths are timeless.

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VF-45 Blackbirds

Back in the day, Lex was a member of VF-45 Blackbirds, a Key West based adversary squadron. And it so happened, a documentary was made of the squadron back then. And our dear Lex makes a brief appearance. But finding a copy of it has been tough. Zane, longtime commenter at Lex’s, has, with a little help from a Lexette, uploaded it in avi. format to Rapidshare.

It’s a huge file, and in multiple parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

If you have technical issues, just ask, and I’m sure someone here will be happy to help.

UPDATE: You can download the entire file as one avi. here.


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The Daily Lex – October 27th

A sad confession

Originally published October 27th, 2005.


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NAVAIR scenes from “The Final Countdown.”

Most of you know about the Final Countdown. Some classic NAVAIR here complete with the good ol high viz paint schemes 🙂

All kinds of NAVAIR goodness here. RF-8 photo ‘sader on a Nimitz boat?! Who knew!?

I may need some alone time 🙂

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


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Sic Transit Gloria…

The late artist, Andy Warhol (nee Andrej Varchola, Jr.) is remembered for many things, including the quote attributed to him, “…my prediction from the sixties finally came true: In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”[ His reflection on the continuing fascination with celebrity, fame, and “public persona” has been talked about, written about and visually addressed countless times.

Recently, a young man in New York, took it upon himself to demonstrate that if you act like one, you can be one:

Clever, and illustrative.


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Growing up with Audie Murphy

This is at

The author is the husband of a facebook friend of mine. It is a very good story and I hope all will enjoy it.

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Carry On, Gunner’s Mate…

Crew of the USS Sylph

Back in 1935 a young high school graduate in Connecticut, looking for work in the depth’s of the last Depression, went to sea in the Navy. He went on to serve, eventually, for ten year’s, in peace and war.  At the end of the war, a son of Italian immigrants, now a salty Gunner’s Mate First Class, with ten years in This Man’s Navy, walked across his last ship’s brow for the last time.He went on to do a few things after that, as did so very many of his generation, tempered into true steel by his experiences in both the pre-war Navy and at sea during the war itself on a converted yacht, USS Sylph (PY-12) .  Fair winds and following seas, Gunner’s Mate.  Save a spot at the bar for the rest of us, will you?

Give me Bosun’s Mates, Gunner’s Mates, Quartermasters, Signalmen and Snipes.  Give me a few JO’s who can con a ship well and true and I will sail tomorrow morning on the tide.  Fall out and carry out the Plan of the Day.


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