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A reminder

By lex, on August 6th, 2006

A propos of nothing in particular, just one of those occasional public service announcements…

Your scribe, over the course of the few years and many days that he’s been blogging, sharing his opinions, expressing his concerns, weaving the occasional tale of nautical derring-do, has had the opportunity to disagree from time to time with some of those whose opinions grace his comments boxes. Sometimes that disagreement will be explicitly – even vigorously – enunciated, as in the case of rectifying an obvious error, expounding upon a cherished opinion, or upon the opportunity of extending a productive philosophical debate. It is hoped that such events will be experienced as they are intended – a healthy and open exchange of ideas among people generally pleased with each other’s company.

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Happy New Year!!!!!!!

My New Year’s Celebration tonight consists of Rogue Brewing Dead Guy Ale and The Los Angeles Kings at the Calgary Flames.

That being said, Missus ORPO and I send Best Wishes for an Outstanding New Year!

I wish The Captain and MSGT Buck were still here………….Yeah, I miss both of them. So I did have a little toast to both of our dearly departed friends……………………………gettin dusty in here all of a sudden.


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From theBrigade: USS Ronald Reagan visiting Pearl Harbor Memorial (25 HQ Photos)

Special Greetings to OldAFSarge and The WSO.
That day almost one year ago now, will always be so very, very special.

1503214_738196362869379_975675795471353882_n 1920565_738202316202117_8986714376038607649_n

Among The Joshua Trees

As most of my followers know, I was fortunate to be able to spend a day on this Fine Ship last April 9(2014) with Christopher Goodrich and his Daughter, the WSO. It was, except for the marriage of my children and the birth of my grandchildren, The Best Day since I retired from the US Navy in September of 1993.

This is a somewhat solemn post as when we enter or leave Naval Station Pearl Harbor, Honors must be rendered with the Traditional Manning The Rail…………in Dress Uniform…………………….Attention To Port! Hand Salute………………………..Too!

In the old days we would exit on the opposite side of Ford Island and do the very same for The Utah.




A few samples follow………………………………


a-Ronald-aricraft-pearl-920-0 The USS Missouri and The USS Arizona Memorial. The two ships that represent the beginning and the ending of World War 2.

It has been a long time since…

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Something missing………………………………….

Easier to just link it………………………………………..


A comment on Facebook……………from OldAFSarge………

“As another great man might have said, “It is to weep.””

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Sparyka Nation Wounded Warrior 5K Run

The runners waiting to start

The runners waiting to start

At the moment I’m in an NCO school at Ft Eustis, Virginia. On of my classmates found out that Spartyka Nation was running a benefit 5k run for the Wounded Warrior Project at Virginia Beach this weekend, and we decided to go. As it turns out one of our group had been assisted by the WWP, so there was a personal element to the trip. Virginia Beach, while a major tourist attraction, is no stranger to the military with a strong Naval presence at nearby Norfolk, Oceana and Little Creek as well as nearby Ft Eustis and Langley Air Force Base. With those kinds of neighbors, it’s not surprising there was a good turn out even though it was a little cool.

The runners waiting to start

The runners waiting to start

The run itself was an out and back along the boardwalk which made for a nice running surface. It was the typical gaggle at the start, but within a couple of minutes everyone was sorted out and running at whatever their comfortable pace was. It was a pleasant run, and a great way to get off post and get a little fresh air.

The group of us from class

The group of us from class

For information on similar events check out http://www.spartykanation.com and http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/.


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Castra Praetoria: High Ground

Courtesy of America’s Sergeant Major. This is a good one folks.

The Journey Home is an Uphill Battle

Kanani over at the Kitchen Dispatch is one of the lead ninjas getting the word out on this great film (yes I’ve seen it, awesome!). Kanani describes it best:

“High Ground ties in with the warrior resiliency programs used to address combat stress and trauma, as well as the aftermath of war.  But I think there’s a difference: this is showing people doing something, not just a list of things to watch for. I think it could lead to a good discussion about self care, a great discussion about the scientific studies being done that prove movement and breath combined with talk therapy surpass the limiting treatment to the usual two modalities (medication and talk therapy).   We have a chance to help this and future generations of veterans with the aftermath of war in ways that were unimaginable in the past. High Ground is part of it, and it does not mask the very substantial trauma that the men and women went through, while also showing them experience small victories along the way.”

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The Daily Lex – July 23rd

À la mode française:

USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)(TR) is conducting carrier qualifications with members of the French Navy during Operation Brimstone July 21-31.

Pilots from the “Tomcatters” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 31 and French navy pilots are learning the value of camaraderie and the true meaning of the term ‘shipmate.’

“Every day […]

Originally published July 23rd, 2008


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