There are few TV series that I have enjoyed so much as to see them again (through streaming). The 7th and final season of Bosch (Amazon Prime) is out, and I have been going through the entire series again before enjoying that final season. For me it has been a series to be savored.

I’ve had a friend for years I would call a cinemaphile. Had a collection of over 1,000 movies in his library and wanted me to have a cinematic education. We got up to Hondo (1953) before he moved out of state.

Over the years I have recommended the occasional police movie or series only to have him tell me “I hate Cop and Doctor shows”.

But he has always had an exception. He enjoyed House for a “doctor show”, and upon my recommendation enjoyed Bosch. Bosch isn’t a typical “cop show”.

Why do I so enjoy this series?

For one, it is perfectly cast. Watching various YouTube interviews apparently it was a series that almost was stillborn.

They couldn’t find the actor for the title character. Through some fortuitous circumstances they finally found Titus Welliver.

I believe they portray life in a police department fairly accurately. The detectives aren’t always out on the street in a blaze of glory, but sitting at their desks researching suspects on the computer.

They portray politics both within the department and with the mayor. And a lot of it is dirty.

They show Los Angeles honestly.

For you non-Angelenos, ever hear of The Farmer’s Market? Du-Pars Restaurant? Angels Flight? They are Los Angeles institutions.

The show’s creator, Michael Connelly, based the show on his many novels that he wrote about the character. And he got the idea for the novels when he was a reporter for the Los Angeles Times and was on good terms with the LAPD.

They actually had 2 LAPD homicide detectives serving as technical advisors.

In the dialogue, they use police jargon. They don’t explain what it means. You are there viewing this as a witness.

I have used Google frequently during the series.

Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch is a complex character. He had a loving relationship with his mother, who was a prostitute. She was murdered and found in a dumpster while he was young. He spent a troublesome childhood in an orphanage. I believe his desire for justice is what eventually led him to the LAPD. “Everybody counts or nobody counts” is his belief.

Apparently there are enough fans that Amazon is going to have a sequel on free IMDbTV.

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