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The Daily Lex – January 30th

Originally published January 30th, 2010.




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The Military, an equal opportunity employer

Going out on a limb here, might lose my publish permit, but I’m ready to rant.

Let’s talk about the women in combat thing. Our current leadership says we gotta have equality in everything . Wimmin on the front line, hauling’ the big pack and the 50 cal. Draggin’ the wounded out of harm’s way in spite of the smaller frame and muscle mass wimmin have. Being a grunt. One of the men guys troops.

Oh yeah. Let’s model all of society that way.

I’m waiting to see the NFL go 50% women.
Ban the women’s professional basketball league.
Pro baseball needs to be half women. “Batting clean up, number 7, Jennnny Parker!”
Why isn’t the White House staff half women?

How many female lumberjacks are there?

Push the parameters more, why isn’t the NBA an equal opportunity employer and why hasn’t the EEO gone after the NBA? The NBA is 95% black at present, a thirteen man roster should be, to reflect the makeup of the U.S. population like our government wants the military to be, 10 whites, one black, a Latino, and one whatever.  Half of those should be women. One should be gay. Or whatever. Where’s the government activism on the basketball court?

Why isn’t the Prez playing half court with women?

Just askin’.


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The Daily Lex – January 29th

Originally published January 29th, 2008.


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The Daily Lex – January 28th

Originally published January 28th, 2008.

The Navy Working Uniform

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The Daily Lex – January 27th

Originally published January 27th, 2004.

The Third Law of the Navy


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Among The Joshua Trees

Topping Off a Carrier: GERALD R FORD (CVN 78) Island Landing (pictorial)

Building a full-sized, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is one of mankind’s most complex achievements, and there’s only one place in the world that does it: Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News, Virginia. The first ship of an entirely new class of carriers, the GERALD R. FORD (CVN 78), is building at the yard, and on Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013, shipbuilders performed one of the more visually significant moves during the ship’s construction — that of moving the pre-fabricated island superstructure onto the flight deck.”

The rest is at the link.

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CVN 78 Island Landing VideoI

It is long at 90 plus minutes………….but the good stuff starts at about 36 minutes or so in.

This is really cool.

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