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Friday Musings 07/31/09

Posted by Lex, on July 31, 2009


The flotsam and jetsam from things that have come into my scan. Updated throughout the day, maybe.

Welcome Ace of Spade readers! Consider signing this petition to name the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier after  a fighting ship rather than a politician!

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Hun Reunion


Posted by  lex, on April 16th, 2011

The Collings Foundation has a new war horse in the stable, and gave an old war horse a ride in her.

(05-14-18 – the video was embedded – here is the link – Ed )

Col. Day had 5000 hours in his log book, and 4500 of them in fighters before he volunteered for combat duty in Vietnam. He stood up the first “Fast FAC” squadron to fly high risk forward air control missions, and was shot down on his 65th sortie up north. Badly injured in the ejection, he nevertheless managed to evade his captors and cross the DMZ back in to South Vietnam, becoming the only American POW to escape from North Vietnam. Recaptured by Viet Cong just miles from a US base, Col. Day spent five years and seven months as a guest of the Hanoi regime, who broke his body but not his spirit.

He is the only person ever to have been awarded both the Medal of Honor and the Air Force Cross.

I hope you enjoyed the flight, colonel. And a tip o’ the tam to the Collings Foundation for setting it up.

Editors Note – 05-14-18 I wrote about the Misties awhile back. An amazing group of pilots. 

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Posted by Lex, on December 4, 2010


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Drinking the coolaid

By Lex

Posted on April 24, 2006


It’s amazing what the poor, deluded kultists of the Dear Leader can talk themselves into:

Today, we are in the midst of a great struggle between the forces of terror and the forces of freedom. The greatest weapon that the free world possesses in this struggle is the awesome power of its ideas.

The Bush Doctrine, based on a recognition of the dangers posed by non-democratic regimes and on committing the United States to support the advance of democracy, offers hope to many dissident voices struggling to bring democracy to their own countries. The democratic earthquake it has helped unleash, even with all the dangers its tremors entail, offers the promise of a more peaceful world.

Yet with each passing day, new voices are added to the chorus of that doctrine’s opponents, and the circle of its supporters grows ever smaller.

Critics rail against every step on the new and difficult road on which the United States has embarked. Yet in pointing out the many pitfalls which have not been avoided and those which still can be, those critics would be wise to remember that the alternative road leads to the continued oppression of hundreds of millions of people and the continued festering of the pathologies that led to 9/11.

Oh, come on: What does Natan Sharansky know about “freedom” and “oppression” ? *


** Link was gone; new one added – Ed.

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Maybe it’s just me

By Lex

On April 11, 2006

I’ve never had a bumper sticker on my car. Never really had anything I felt all that strongly about, maybe.

Or maybe I just never had anything I felt really strongly about that I thought could be captured on a bumper sticker. Or that anything that could be captured on a bumper sticker, and widely understood, necessarily had to be so simple a thing as to be trivial, even trite – and therefore insufficiently descriptive. So simple as to almost be insulting to the depth of complexity in thought and experience we grant ourselves free of charge. Even as we all too often tend to ascribe ill motive and bad faith to those we do not know well, but with whom we disagree on some topic. Believing as we do, that our complexity affords us some degree of authenticity in which The Other, acting as he is in manifest bad faith (for daring to disagree with us) cannot share.

Disagreeing as he does on some topic, like the one you can occasionally see on a bumper sticker.

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Target Fixation

By lex, on January 30th, 2012

In strike aviation, especially in the old days, before smart weapons made the task of identifying and destroying hard targets easier, a principal risk to the striker was a phenomenon known as “target fixation.” This typically involved a low altitude attack which took advantage of direct and indirect terrain masking to approach a target, followed by a pop up to identify the target and a shallow dive to employ upon it.

There would be a desperate few moments when the striker was on his back in a hostile environment, seeking the target and growingly aware of his exposure to a variety of threats – one of the problems of being within gun range is that the enemy is too – and then a sense of exultation as the target is acquired and the weapons run begins. That was where target fixation could creep in: A striker might press the run too close, and place himself within the frag pattern of his own ordnance, or worse, hit the target with his own airplane (typically a little long).

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One of those strange weekends

By lex, on February 26th, 2006

You know about the retirement on Friday, so: All caught up there. What I haven’t shared (because I’ve been, you know: Saving it) is the story of the other things that went on.

First a little trip backwards in time. On Wednesday I was desired and required to be up in the Front Office, for to speak with the actual Chief of Staff on a Matter of Some Import. While waiting to see himself (Himself not being in town at the moment) a female chief petty officer approached me hesitantly:

“You’re a pilot sir?”

“Why yes. Yes I am, actually,” I replied. Thinking that, you know: The wings on my khakis were a dead give-away, for anyone as had eyes to see.

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