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Asymmetric Warfare

By lex, on November 30th, 2010

Asymmetric warfare is the term of art for a conflict between two belligerents with markedly different levels of military power. The weaker power, unable or unwilling to engage in a stand-up fight, will use strategies and tactics that exploit the characteristic weaknesses of the stronger one. When such tactics blur the line between soldier and civilian, politics and war, they are often referred to as “fourth generation warfare,” or 4GW.

Fourth generation warfare “takes place on all fronts, economical, political, the media, military, and civilian.”

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Article 32 Hearing

By lex, on October 14th, 2010

US Army Major Nidal Hassan gets a preliminary hearing, prior to his General Court Martial:

The first few of dozens of witnesses to the 2009 massacre on this sprawling Army base gave chilling testimony on Wednesday in a pretrial hearing for Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who is charged in the attack.

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Ten Years Ago Today

By lex, on October 12th, 2010

The first salvo was fired on what would become the Global War on Terror, before that in turn morphed into a Pretty Serious Campaign Against Man-Caused Disasters. Seventeen US sailors aboard the USS Cole died almost immediately when a two-man al Qaeda suicide cell drove a skiff loaded with explosives along side and detonated it, holing the hull. Another 39 were injured.

The survivors struggled heroically for three days in suffocating conditions without much in the way of hot food or cold water and mostly without power to keep the ship dewatered and afloat – it was a very near run thing. At one point, with water coming in and the ship’s only generator off line, sailors formed a bucket brigade to save the ship.

When the ship was towed out of port 19 days later, someone slipped Kid Rock’s “American Bad Ass” into a rotation of patriotic songs playing on the ship’s loudspeaker system.

Navy took a hit in 2000, as required by the rules of engagement then in place.

The rules have changed since then. A lot of things have.

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By lex, on September 14th, 2010

Anwar al-Awlaki is a traitor to his country and a promoter of terrorism.  Let’s stipulate that right up front.

As such, I’d have no problem seeing him dance at the end of a rope once tried and convicted of his crimes. Since the American citizen is hiding in Yemen, my heart would rest easy if he met his maker courtesy of a Hellfire missile – now there’s a visionary name for a weapons system – fired by an MQ-9 Reaper.

But I have to admit to you that I found the lead to this AP article just a little chilling in an “enemy of the state” kind of way:

The Obama administration is considering filing the first criminal charges against radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in case the CIA fails to kill him and he’s is captured alive in Yemen.

See, a trial for an American citizen by a jury of his peers is being considered as a fallback plan to his targeted, extrajudicial assassination. This from the same bunch that just a few years ago got their panties in a twist about extending habeus corpus to non-citizen terrorists detained by the US military in Cuba.

Anybody else got a problem with that, or is it just me?

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I’m ten years older than Lex was, and Vietnam to me is still on my mind.

I remember something he said in one of his posts, about a time he was playing golf at Miramar with a retired Naval Aviator who served in Vietnam .

His partner  said that around the beginning of the war in Vietnam everyone was gung-ho (which is I believe a military expression Claire Chenault and his pilots brought back from China)

Towards the end of the war with so many targets determined off limits those who flew through some of the heaviest and most dangerous AAA just wanted to finish their tour and go home. Many of them died doing this. Dying from targets that could have been destroyed.

Our military has always had some form of Rules of Engagement but it seems since WW2 it has been overly restrictive. The civilians control the political side while the military controls, obviously, the battlefield side.

Truman was right in that the civilians – and President in particular – are in charge. But was MacArthur right in wanting to take  the war to the Chinese? Truman was worried, obviously, about starting WW3.

Should Truman have given MacArthur more freedom?

After all, 60 some years later there has never been a truce signed and we are still worried about the North Koreans. Now we are worried about them having nukes. Would we be doing this today if MacArthur had captured Prongyang and secured Korea from the Yalu River?

(For that matter let’s speculate how the Cold War would have been different had Patton gone to Berlin. On the positive side I have read that some historians consider one of the reasons Truman dropped the Bomb on Japan was to keep the Russians out of Japan. Imagine a partitioned Japan, like Germany,  for 60 years.)

What made me think of this was just seeing a movie on Netflix, Hyena Road. It is  a Canadian film from a Canadian perspective on the war in Afghanistan, but I doubt that it was much different from American units.

Two of the main characters are an intelligence officer who is back at Begram and a sniper team. The sniper is constantly radioing back to headquarters asking for permission to shoot a target. The intelligence officer sees “the bigger picture” and the sniper wants to shoot an obvious belligerent.

Where’s the balance?

It’s an open question.



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One Down…

Ding dong! One of the twitchy bitches is dead and the other is in custody.  My beloved city of Boston can sleep easy once again.

We listened to the action live thru a police scanner streaming online.  It was exciting and terrifying.  Thinking of the neighborhood being evacuated, the fear of the homeowner who called police about suspicious activity at their boat; and then learning that the murdering terrorist was hiding in their own backyard.  And had probably been in the neighborhood all day long.

The moment the scanner announced “Suspect in Custody” was some of the best words we’ve heard in a very long time.  Thankfully we went to bed before P.BO gave his speech; just don’t think we could have dealt with listening to him say “I” and “me” more than giving credit where it is due.

379959_620268484653661_766260184_nTo the LEOs of Boston, Watertown, Cambridge, the State Police and the FBI.  Those men & women likely didn’t get any rest or sleep from Monday afternoon until sometime today.  Tirelessly working to bring these monsters to justice.

And I find it very interesting that, once the suspect was in custody, he was given the best medical care possible – from the very people he and his brother killed, the first responders.

That’s what being American is all about.  An ideal that clearly escaped these terrorists.

Of course I am under no illusion that this is “over”; they didn’t act alone.  Someone was their puppetmaster who viewed them as expendable from the start.  These 2 had no escape plan; hell one of them was partying with his college friends 2 days after the bombing.  The plot is always thick; it will be interesting to see just how thick in the coming weeks.


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My City, Our City

Harvard Train Bridge, Charles River, Boston

Harvard Train Bridge, Charles River, Boston

My beloved city – under attack.

My beautiful, quirky, irritating Boston.

3 dead so far, nearly 200 hundred injured. Many of them will be crippled for life. And for what?

Lest we forget that yesterday was Patriot’s Day – the annual observance of the battles of Lexington and Concord which marked the first battles of the American Revolution.

Boston is the cradle of this entire country; our freedoms were fought for on the same streets we wander whenever we go there.

These are not coincidences to the bombings, not in the least.  Time will tell of course and the disinformation brigade aka the MSM are already at work spreading lies and half-truths.

While reporters are working to get the big story, the first responders were running towards the danger – as is always the case.

Customs House Clock Tower, Boston

Customs House Clock Tower, Boston

My prayers are for my beloved city, the dead, the wounded and their loved ones.  My prayers are for the entire city…

In the days to come we’ll learn the truth or at least as much truth as we can.  We know far less than we think at this moment but the one thing I do know unequivocally is this:

Boston and the people who love her will continue to stand tall and survive.  Our entire country’s future was founded on those very streets and shores.  It will endure.

And the monsters responsible – will be hunted and brought to justice.  My preference of the kind of justice meted out may differ with those in charge…

Cross-posted at Noodling On It.  Images taken by me.


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