Not Much to Say

By lex, on May 3rd, 2011

The Pakistani government, at least, is acknowledging the fact of Osama bin Laden’s residency in their state. The military and ISI have been strangely silent on the matter of US military operatives flying into their country and executing a direct action assault just down the street from a military academy:

The Pakistani military remained silent, although it has been outspoken over drone attacks in Pakistan’s tribal areas and has denounced operations in which American military forces have crossed into Pakistan’s territory.

Indeed, with Bin Laden’s death in Pakistan, officials here have lost much of their hard-fought bargaining position as they demand that the United States reduce its use of unmanned drones to attack targets in the tribal areas, and cut down the number of undercover agents and C.I.A. operatives in Pakistan. That target seems to be out of reach now that the United States has shown the importance and accuracy of its covert operations in Pakistan, analysts said.

“There is lot of confusion in Pakistan that how to react to this operation,” Mr. Rizvi, the military analyst, said. Over all, politicians will be happy but they will not express it publicly because they are afraid of a backlash from Islamist sympathizers, he said.

The discovery of Bin Laden, after years of Pakistan denying that he was hiding here, will also put more pressure on Pakistan to cooperate further and find more Qaeda members in Pakistan, he said.

“Now Osama’s presence close to military installations in Pakistan raises whether this operation was with the involvement of Pakistani security agencies and whether Pakistan knows his presence,” Mr. Rizvi said, adding, “If no, it is a question of incompetence, and if yes, then it shows Pakistan was playing a double game.”

Embarrassing, either way.

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