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Person of the year

Posted by lex, on December 21, 2006

So, according to Time magazine, you are all the “persons” of the year. Don’t let it get to your head.

I was there first. Sure, I had to share with Melinda and Bill, but anyways.

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Posted by lex, on December 12, 2006

The Christian Science Monitor discovers Bill Roggio:

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Sticky – Vote!

It’s like, your civic duty. Or something. Click the pic and then do the right thing. The sidebar pic is linked too, because I’m all about options and customer service, etc.

It isn’t like I’m going to win, or anything. I’m punching above my weight in that crowd: Blackfive. Smash. Greyhawk.


It’s OK though, because as a southerner, I’m also all about The Cause and losing hard. Just don’t want to, you know: Get hurt. Inside.

By you.

You can vote every day for the next eight to ten, which is kind of cool, seeing as how most of you are repeat offenders visitors. Which is nice. They even let Canadians vote!

*whistles tunelessly, eyes on the ceiling, hands clasped behind his back*

Let’s go down swinging. Hit it.

Update: Moved this up to the top because, you know: Because. New content will follow, so keep scrolling, brother.

You know, we’re not so very far behind. Surprisingly.

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Always the bridesmaid…

Posted by lex, on April 20, 2006


Never the bride.

While everyone else is heading east to debauch themselves at the milblogger conference, your humble scribe is left here in sunny Southern California, for to work like a galley slave, when he isn’t studying for a test, helping with the homework, tending to the domestic garden or wrestling with pigs – who after all, only seem to enjoy it, the wretches.

I could use a bit of debauchery, it having been some little while, and debauching being a competitive sport, with its own demanding training regime, but no: Tomorrow is SNO’s 20th birthday, if you can grok that. The whole concept spins me right round, baby, right round, like a record baby right round round round.

And everything you need to know about 80’s “rock ‘n roll” is encapsulated there. Sigh.

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Blogging first

Posted by lex, on September 5, 2006

First up, mensch-pundit (or is that pundit-mensch?) Jonah Goldberg of National Review Online’s “The Corner” linked to the post below featuring the photograph of a CH-47 rescue in Afghanistan, sending traffic (and bandwidth) through the overhead, prompting Stern Notice from my hosting service that the account had been suspended! And that I was to contact tech support immediately!

So I did, naturally. And they were very helpful over there at tech support, saying, essentially: Huh. Look at that. Gosh.


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Retraction, apology and promise

Posted by lex, on February 7, 2006


In an earlier post, “Passionate Beliefs,” I noted that NAACP director Julian Bond had said some pretty inflammatory things. I based those statements on a report from “World Net Daily.”

Brendan Loy has heard the mp3 of the discussion at Fayetteville State University, and found that Bond’s statements were something between what his defenders protest that he said, and what the WND alleged him to have said.

There’s  plenty of room to dislike and disagree with Bond’s statements without putting words in his mouth that he never said, or shading his meaning to buttress a case.

I quoted the WND in support of my post, for which I apologize. No such thing as “fake but accurate.” Ever.

I promise that I’ll never use WND as a source again either.

Fool me twice, shame on me.


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Admin Note On Neptunus Lex Posts

While I have finished scanning the archives and have announced the end of my posting, you will still see posts from Hizzoner for awhile. That’s because 68 are scheduled into the future. There’ll be a few posts even into 2020.



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Here’s the Thing

By lex, on October 9th, 2011

The thing about flying for a living?

Is that it doesn’t, when the press is on, leave a whole lot of time for other things. You can’t phone one in from the only seat in the Kfir. As yet.

I’ve got a couple of good posts floating around inside the cranium. Just need the time to liberate them.

Until then, talk amongst yourselves.

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Traveling Man

By lex, on July 13th, 2011

Which your host is on the road for the next cuppla, and will be mostly off the grid, leaving the keys in it for your use and don’t make me come down there.

As a discussion sparker, I’d like to leave you with a few things:

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Stop the clock

Posted by Lex, on August 26, 2006


Game over.

The competition for world’s most cretinously immoral blogger is officially at an end. Over on the HuffPo (why am I not surprised), one Russell Shaw takes on – purely as a mental exercise, you see – the weighty task of wondering whether or not another terrorist attack on the US homeland would or would not be of net benefit to American society. That benefit, payable in “n” number of American lives lost, would redound to Mr. Shaw’s preferred political party, and thence to the rests of us, the lumpen red state masses otherwise too ignorantly self-absorbed in NASCAR to make the same kinds of choices Mr. Shaw and his friends would like for us.

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