A small favor

Posted by lex, on April 4, 2007

Many of the regulars will remember the story of young Diego Santiago, the son of a Navy Chief Petty Officer who died of cancer not quite a year ago at age 6, well before he could follow his dream of also joining the service – but not before the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy made him an honorary CPO.

His father, Chief Hospital Corpsman Santiago, is back in Iraq. Yesterday his mom dropped a note in the comments box of an old post:

I don’t know if anybody will see this…Diego’s story was posted so long ago. It felt good to “google” Diego and know he is still everywhere I look. I’d never seen this particular blog and something in my heart feels very sad but very good. I can’t help wanting to turn to all of the caring individuals who were crying with us nine months ago…because I feel very lonely tonight.

My husband is in Baghdaddi and I am here in North Carolina with our two youngest daughters. Their big sister and her fiance will come home from school for the Easter weekend, and there will be two empty chairs at the table.

We miss both of our guys so badly. Diego is surely with his daddy, guiding him through this dangerous time and whispering in his papa’s ear, “Dad, I need my back-pack with my weapons!” “I’ve got a grenade, Dad!” “Don’t worry, Dad. I’ve got my snaffle rifle!” (That’s how he used to say “Sniper Rifle”) He was so fearless!

It’s only been one month since my husband’s departure to Iraq and the days are moving so slowly. But, I don’t know of another woman who could be so over filled with pride for a son and a husband all at the same time.

My fourteen year old asked me what we would do if her daddy didn’t return from the war. I told her that I couldn’t promise her that her daddy is going to return, any more than I ever promised her her brother would survive cancer. I told her that just like Diego, we pray that he will, we hope that he will, and we believe that he will. But, if he doesn’t…I can promise that we will be okay.

Pax et Bonum.
Cookie Santiago

Maybe you could drop her a note (the page is DiegoLand), leave her some word encouragement.

It can get awfully lonely.

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