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Blogito Ergo Sum?

By Lex

Mon – February 23, 2004

I had a brief email dialogue with the officer who snapped the photo that forms the backdrop for the title bar above. She told me I was welcome to use the image, and added parenthetically that she just didn’t get this whole weblog thing.


And I kind of understood – there are as many different bloggers, styles and formats as there are different kinds of people. Or maybe a trifle less, call it n-1, where 1 = the hopelessly-computer-illiterate type.

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The Best of Neptunus Lex


January 30, 2016


I came to know Lex through his writings. A longtime admirer of his, David Foster of, recommended a few of his favorite posts.

After reading the very first one, I was hooked. One could say that at that moment I became a Lexican. Some of Lex’s posts made you laugh and others made you think. He had the gift of showing people what life is like to serve on a carrier.

Until I read Lex, this old Army guy thought sailors had an easy life with clean, spacious accommodations and good food.  I just wondered if they were allowed to take their golf clubs while on a cruise.

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New Flavour!

I think the Good Captain would like this one……………………………..just a guess

Among The Joshua Trees

As I posted earlier, here it is!

This was procured at the Stater Bros Market in Ridgecrest on Wednesday when taking The Missus to DMV to renew her driver’s license. We now make it a day with a stop at Wally World, Stater Bros and the KFC before heading back to Casa de Sharon y Glenn in beautiful California City.

This Thunderstruck is quite hoppy with a clean finish. I got it on the condition that I let Missus ORPO have the bottle. It is painted and not a paper or one of those clear labels. The stencil treatment is what makes Stone products a bit pricey. I do love what comes out of that awesome brewery in Escondido!


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A view of Lindbergh As You Never Knew Him….

I have been slowly getting through a great biography of Charles Lindbergh. Think you  know pretty much all there is to know about Charles Lindbergh? Pretty much what most of us know is what the newspapers and magazines told us.  Pioneer across the Atlantic, of course. Because of his fame, his family suffered terribly with the murder of his baby son.

Recluse who moved to Europe after his son’s murder. Admirer of the German buildup of aerospace technology. Tainted (wrongly) as a Nazi sympathizer.

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