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I have to admit –

Posted by October 26, 2006

 – that I like the way this guy thinks:

We implore the good women-and the ten percent of men who apply, population average-wise–to put out for your local sailor when you can.

Yes, do, by all means.

Do follow the link I mean. There’s videos and stuff.

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Women – with blasters

Posted by lex, on September 5, 2006

This just gets me on so many different levels.

And no, I’m not proud of it. But there it is.

(H/T to the Prof)

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Friday Musings 06_16_2006

Posted by lex, on June 16, 2006

Been a while, hadn’t it? And silence! You in the back row, about to open your mouth and say, “Rhythms!”

In due time, I promise.

So, Thursday was the Kat’s sixth grade graduation. I don’t know about you, gentle reader, but in my day we didn’t graduate from sixth grade – we just stopped going to that class at the end of the year and started up seventh after an interposing summer respite. But they do sixth grade graduations here in California, and it was something of a sight to see.

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The definition of ambivalence

Posted by lex, on May 5, 2006


The good news: Learning that your number one son will join the crew of a guided missile destroyer for his summer NROTC cruise, during the course of which he will work, eat, berth and enjoy time ashore with the enlisted mess.

The rest of the story: Said man-o’-war will be at the time of his joining located in Thailand, where the crew will spend some number of days enjoying the local sights before returning home.

Those who know, know.

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A Carroll “Lex” LeFon Primer


Who was Carroll LeFon?

The best description of Lex that I’ve heard is “Imagine Hemingway flew fighters…and liked people.

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The World as a Petting Zoo

Over the years in my travels, I have been perplexed at the behavior of some people towards wildlife. Is it a naivete? Lack of respect for what they are capable of doing?

Ignorance? Arrogance?

All of the above?

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Beware Doorstep Package Thieves

This little YouTube video has become viral with over 18 43 million reads. Just don’t anger this NASA engineer.

I couldn’t stop laughing.


H/T to CG-23 Sailor.

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The Chief

By lex, on February 10th, 2009

It’s all marketing. Mostly.

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Doing Something Wrong


By lex, on November 10th, 2008

All your correspondent really wanted for his birthday * – which was very nice, by the way: Brunch at La Valencia in La Jolla with the whole clan, and 50 rounds through a borrowed H&K USP .45 at the American Shooting Center *** while Son Number One broke in his newest acquisition, a Rock Island Armory M1911 clone that sold at a price found hard to resist (and lucky to have found it, the store’s shelves utterly innocent of new firearms for sale, and nothing on offer but a few previously owned Glocks), a little R&R around the house (including the fabrication of a cat house [shush!] intended for the crazy old homeless man in the cat suit that hangs around the back yard muttering to himself, the creation of which was a task well within these our austere woodworking talents), and a slice or four at the Pizza Port, with a pint of their ESB that went down ever so kindly, followed up by cutting up a bit of wood for the fireplace, the better for to warm our creaking limbs in anticipation of the cruel, San Diego winter that stands a tip-toe on our doorstep – but all I really wanted, as I was saying, was full ownership of an Aviat Husky for to take us to the back places where a four-weight line might profitably be wet, and, quarter shares, say in a Pitts Special for those moments where we are feeling a little too well grounded.

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I find it disconcerting…

By lex, on March 27th, 2006

That when you’ve come back from your morning run, and are taking a shower in the facilities provided, the water pressure from the shower head decreases when someone using the same facilities set for other reasons, em: Flushes.

I know, I shouldn’t be disconcerted: Fresh water, all the way ’round. There’s only so much of it. More required over here means less to be had over there. But still.

It doesn’t seem right.

When I was a midshipman, we went one summer to Quantico, Virginia, where Marine officers are tenderly brought to full flower in a process roughly analogous to the face-hugger/chest buster phenomenon made so popular in the “Alien” movie trilogy.

In the student barracks, not only did the cold water cut out entirely whenever someone in the western hemisphere “sent the army home,” the hot water, as though waiting for just such an opportunity, jetted out with vicious abandon. Strangely enough, in the instant just before the boiling water leapt out to wreak its savageries upon your exposed flesh, it was preceded by a tiny slug of cold water. In time, we mids came to understand what this was: All a part of the Marine Officer training program. A combat reactions course, if you will. The price of unbroiled skin was eternal vigilance.

And quick reflexes.

There’s no real point to all this. Just small stuff.

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