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Lawncare Bleg

Posted By lex, on September 17th, 2011

Got three-four of these right in a row in the front yard of the Crushing Burden of Debt. Which is for sale, doncha know? And this can’t be helping.

I tried to locally treat the middle two pairs with fertilizer, seed and gypsum. Came back from Ventura County and the one on the right had mysteriously appeared.

46 comments in the original post with suggestions ranging from gas lines to gophers to…UFOs!

You’re a pretty savvy bunch. Anybody got any idea what’s going on?

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Lex’s Last Carrier Flight?

To the reader: I came across this on what was a great blog, Ask the Skipper, back in 2016. The owner of the blog soon after stopped blogging, citing the amount of time it took to have a good blog. Looking at the thousands of posts Neptunus Lex made in 9 years, I came to realize just how much effort Hizzoner put into his own blog.

Anyway, I saved the post, and in going through my documents folder last night, got reacquainted with it. If the owner of Ask the Skipper ever comes across this and wants it removed, I will be glad to do so. All credit goes to this unknown author at Ask the Skipper.

In the meantime, I will leave it to you, the reader, to ascertain whether “Tex” is indeed “Lex”.

It was the 90s. The angst-ridden, caffeine-fueled sound of Seattle’s grunge-scene was oozing its way across the American landscape, what with all their flannel shirts, exposed long-underwear, and boots. The kind of boots you’d typically see on a homophobe, neo-Nazi, construction worker, or some combination of the three. I don’t know what Smells Like Teen Spirit, but I have a sneaking suspicion it has little to do with deodorant.

We were underway in the East China Sea, or the Sea of Japan, or the Yellow Sea, or the Western Pacific Ocean. One of those. There was water everywhere, and you couldn’t see land. Of that I am certain.

It wasn’t necessarily his last flight evah. It was his last flight in that particular tour of duty, in that squadron, on that boat. Then again, there was certainly no guarantee of another sea-based sortie. This fella – if I remember the callsign correctly – we will refer to as Tex from this point forward. His callsign sounded similar. It might have even rhymed.

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I have to admit –

Posted by October 26, 2006

 – that I like the way this guy thinks:

We implore the good women-and the ten percent of men who apply, population average-wise–to put out for your local sailor when you can.

Yes, do, by all means.

Do follow the link I mean. There’s videos and stuff.

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Women – with blasters

Posted by lex, on September 5, 2006

This just gets me on so many different levels.

And no, I’m not proud of it. But there it is.

(H/T to the Prof)

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Friday Musings 06_16_2006

Posted by lex, on June 16, 2006

Been a while, hadn’t it? And silence! You in the back row, about to open your mouth and say, “Rhythms!”

In due time, I promise.

So, Thursday was the Kat’s sixth grade graduation. I don’t know about you, gentle reader, but in my day we didn’t graduate from sixth grade – we just stopped going to that class at the end of the year and started up seventh after an interposing summer respite. But they do sixth grade graduations here in California, and it was something of a sight to see.

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The definition of ambivalence

Posted by lex, on May 5, 2006


The good news: Learning that your number one son will join the crew of a guided missile destroyer for his summer NROTC cruise, during the course of which he will work, eat, berth and enjoy time ashore with the enlisted mess.

The rest of the story: Said man-o’-war will be at the time of his joining located in Thailand, where the crew will spend some number of days enjoying the local sights before returning home.

Those who know, know.

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A Carroll “Lex” LeFon Primer


Who was Carroll LeFon?

The best description of Lex that I’ve heard is “Imagine Hemingway flew fighters…and liked people.

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The World as a Petting Zoo

Over the years in my travels, I have been perplexed at the behavior of some people towards wildlife. Is it a naivete? Lack of respect for what they are capable of doing?

Ignorance? Arrogance?

All of the above?

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Beware Doorstep Package Thieves

This little YouTube video has become viral with over 18 43 million reads. Just don’t anger this NASA engineer.

I couldn’t stop laughing.


H/T to CG-23 Sailor.

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The Chief

By lex, on February 10th, 2009

It’s all marketing. Mostly.

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