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The World as a Petting Zoo

Over the years in my travels, I have been perplexed at the behavior of some people towards wildlife. Is it a naivete? Lack of respect for what they are capable of doing?

Ignorance? Arrogance?

All of the above?

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Bob Lutz

Among the higher echelons of management of auto manufacturers, I believe Lutz is a near anomaly. He knows the auto business from the top, and he is a consummate car guy.

He grew up in Europe but became an American, and was a Marine Corps aviator. He’s held senior positions at Ford (Germany), Opel, BMW, Chrysler and his last station, GM.

He is an avid car enthusiast, who also flies his own L39. Just some of the cars he was a force in developing are the Opel GT, the first BMW 3 and 6 series (late 70s) , and the Dodge Viper.

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Virginia Hall

Since writing about her yesterday, curiosity had gotten the best of me, and I read a bit more on her. What an amazing woman.

As to David Holahan’s statement that ” James Bond had nothing on her”, Bond of course was some fantasy of Ian Fleming. To think that some spy would arrive with a self-confident (arrogant?) attitude in an Aston Martin and tux, well, of course real spies are the opposite. Most times a person who one would least suspect. When the best have disappeared the world is left wondering who they were, or at least what they looked like.

When the Manhattan Project was started, “an informant in the British civil service notified the Soviets. As the top-secret plan to build the bomb, called the Manhattan Project, took shape in the United States, the Soviet spy ring got wind of it before the FBI knew of the secret program’s existence.” It was 4 years after the war before  the identity of one, Klaus Fuchs, was discovered.

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Unbelievable CHP Graphic Chase Video

Unbelievable CHP Graphic Chase Video


*Graphic Pursuit Video*

The CHP Buttonwillow Area was just involved in one of the wildest pursuits you will ever see. You will never believe what the vehicle was that we were chasing. You have to watch and see it with your own eyes.

Fellow Lexican ParrotheadJeff forwarded this to me – and thanks to the California Highway Patrol…


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It’s Hedy


Saw a great program on Hedy Lemarr on Netflix awhile back. After learning what she invented, I think she should be remembered more for her invention side than her movie star side.

She was a refugee from Hitler’s Austria, yet the Govt seized her “frequency hopping” invention as an “enemy alien”; still they asked her to tour the country as a Hollywood star selling war bonds.

That invention today is the basis for cell phone technology.

Today that one invention of hers alone is worth an estimated $30 Billion.

Awhile back I posted what I considered to be signs of genius; Hedy certainly makes the grade.

I remember from the Netflix documentary that she used to work on her inventions while in her movie trailer waiting for the next scene.

David Foster of Chicago Boyz has a great post on her.


Update – 01/22/19 22:16 – I just saw Bombshell , the Netflix documentary, again. What an amazing woman. Her main invention, which was taken from her without any compensation, is today the basis of cell phone technology, secure WiFi, military communication…

The documentary closed with her quoting a beautiful poem by Kent Keith towards the end of her life:

 The Paradoxical Commandments 
 People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
 Love them anyway.
 If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
 Do good anyway.
 If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.
 Succeed anyway.
 The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
 Do good anyway.
 Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
 Be honest and frank anyway.
 The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.
 Think big anyway.
 People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.
 Fight for a few underdogs anyway.
 What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
 Build anyway.
 People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.
 Help people anyway.
 Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth.
Give the world the best you have anyway.”



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Mad Irish

Posted by lex, on October 30th, 2010

Last night the missus and I watched Ondine, a selkie-themed movie out of Ireland (and the holy land of Ireland), casting Colin Farrell in the decidedly unglamorous role of Syracuse (aka: Circus), a down-at-his-luck fisherman who drags an unconscious young woman out of his net. The identity of the girl is a mystery until the end, although Syracuse’s daughter Annie – played with elfin grace by young Alison Berry – clearly believes that the eponymous Ondine (the curiously accented and winsome Alicia Bachleda) is indeed a seal woman come to shed seven tears and live seven years with her father, the great majority of that time padding around in Victoria’s Secret underthings, not that your humble scribe objected. Annie also believes that Ondine has the power to heal her from a kidney condition that’s wasting the younger girl away, and although there is indeed healing of many sorts, it’s an Irish movie after all, so not everything ends happily for all involved.

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Neptunus Lex: Stories on Naval Aviation and Safety

To the Reader: As I was reposting Lex’s posts, I thought it would be nice to organize a few of my favorites by category for the new reader. Give them a “Lex Primer”. 

Bill Brandt

11-24-2003     Watching An Ejection

12-13-2003      Killing An Eagle

01-05-2004    Inadvertent Ejections

01-09-2004    The Worst Day Ever

01-26-2004    Overstress

02-10-2004    The Helo Dunker

02-16-2004    Hypoxia

05-19-2004    Soft Cat Shot

05-25-2004     Night CQ, Part 1

06-02-2004    Indian Country

06-05-2004    T.I.A.D Near mid-air

07-05-2004    Single Seat Fighter Aviation

07-08-2004    Trusting The LSO

07-12-2004     The Fly In

07-20-2004    In-Flight Refueling

07-21-2004     A little not enough gas

07-27-2004    Air Strike

08-24-2004    First Flights

08-29-2004   Viper FCF

08-31-2004    A Little Negative ‘G’

10-18-2004     First CQ

01-17-2005     Night In The Barrel Part 1  

01-18-2005     Night In The Barrel Part 2

02-17-2005     Flat Hatting

03-25-2005     Guest Blogging – Thunder Tanking

04-05-2005    BFM (Basic Fighter Maneuvers) 

04-11-2005     IP To Target

04-12-2005     First Solo

10-11-2005      Flight School Advice

10-20-2005     Flat Hatting

01-23-2006     Adversary Course – Miramar

05-02-2006    Wide Runway

06-01-2005     Wacko

06-07-2006    Homework, Part II (Design History Of The FA-18) 

09-12-2006    Learning To Fight

01-10-2007     Cato

02-28-2007    Dealing with adversity

07-01-2007     Day CQ, FDNF-Style

07-23-2007    That was when I knew that it just might work

08-19-2007    Night Bombing

09-26-2007    Fear Of Flying

09-27-2007    Fear of flying, II

11-05-2007     Spin Hop

11-08-2007     Spool Up Time

11-20-2007     The power of saying “no”

12-03-2007     Land Left

09-23-2008    First Flight

10-21-2008    Foggy Weather

11-02-2008     Logbook

11-25-2008     Sometimes You Get a Second

02-13-2009      Known Ice

03-04-2009         An Avoidable Mishap

03-23-2009         Hmmm

07-30-2009      Low Levels

02-07-2010     Wrapping It Up

02-14-2010     Precautionary Landing

05-17-2010     Even When You Know

09-22-2010      Tailhooker’s Prayer

12-18-2010      Formation Go 

01-15-2011      Echo Range

04-23-2011      Face to Face With the 8-day Clock

06-25-2011     GA vs. NA

09-18-2011      The Sense of Mastery


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