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The Title Says It All

It’s Monday and it seemed like a good idea.

Among The Joshua Trees

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vegas suburbia

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The Trip To End All Trips


Have you ever had a trip where so many things went wrong…it got to be comical? I have been scanning some old slides to digital, and this batch brought back a flood of memories.

The statute of limitations has expired, and for the purposes of this article I will refer to my 3 friends as Larry, Moe & Curly. As for me?

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Some Had It Better Than Others

I considered myself very lucky for the brief time I was in the Army in the early 70s. On the “Dream Sheet” I said that I wanted to be a photographer, and stationed in Japan.

I guess that’s why they call it the “dream sheet” because I ended up as a radar operator in Germany who communicated with missile batteries.

That assignment was the best of the best because the Army would go by alphabetized names on the roster when filling positions around the world.

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“Cobra Mist”

If any of the Lexican `Cold War` warriors ever came across something called “Cobra Mist”, here is what’s left of it in the UK. A pint says `Virgil Xenophon` could i/d it from the air:


2015-03-12 13.34.06 - Copy 2015-03-12 13.34.06

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Politics And Faith

By lex, on February 15th, 2004

Been turning things over in my head for a few months, but some of the things I’ve been reading, hearing and seeing lately have taken me to the conclusion that for certain secularized elements of the polity, zealous faith in their political beliefs has filled that spot inside their souls which used to, or ought to, or might have been occupied by the spiritual.

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Honoring Lex At His Favorite Spot

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Last Friday and Saturday, Lexicans from near and far converged on Shakespeare’s in San Diego to celebrate his life. I talked with a man who worked with Lex after his Navy time and asked him what Lex would think about all this.

“Well”, he said, ” Lex would laugh and say you were all crazy. But he would be flattered!”

It wasn’t a somber moment but a time with lots of stories and laughter.

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