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Happy New Year, All!


By lex, on December 31st, 2011

Which the missus and I are celebrating ours at home, the chillens being growed up or nearly so. For those of you such as are going out, watch out for them English, for they’re a hazard on the roads when they’ve a drop taken.

Here at Chez Lex, the year 2011 has had its up and downs, and taken as a whole we will not miss it much, malgre the fact that it has ended on a happier note than it began.

Hopefully that trend will continue, for us and for you.

See you next year.

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Solomonic decision

Posted by lex, on October 1, 2007

The faculty of Yale law school has for two years waged a running battle to exclude military recruiters from campus because of the Clinton-era “Don’t ask, don’t tell (don’t harrass, don’t pursue)” policy. That stance put them across the table from the feds, armed by the 1996 Solomon Amendment, which permits government to deny federal grants to universities which discriminate against military recruiters at on campus job fairs, among other things.

Apparently citing the Hammurabic code as a precedent, the law school argued that it was OK to discriminate against the military, since they discriminated against gays. And by the way they’d like to keep the money. A federal appeals court, quoting English common sense, if not common law, told the faculty that no, they couldn’t have their cake and eat it too.

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By lex, on October 30th, 2012

Hey everyone!

Friday November 9th is my dad’s birthday and in honor of it my mom would like to get a group together of anyone and everyone who is in San Diego and wants to get a beer (Guinness, of course). The plan is Shakespeare’s Pub on 3701 India St.

San Diego, CA 92103 around 5:30PM and planning to stay until 7 or 8PM. We would love it if whoever can swing it can come by, although we understand not everyone lives in San Diego so we aren’t expecting much.

Also, each of us kids plans on posting a little something on the blog for his birthday so we’re hoping you guys might check that out when the time comes.

Thanks always- Kat


05-23-20 I thought I had gotten all we could get from the Wayback Machine, but I came across a couple more. As to what the “kids” planned on posting, just as 8 years ago, wait and see 😉 

And of course the meet at Shakespeare’s was 8 years ago, not this November 9th, although maybe we should have another one in honor of Hizzoner? 


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Should have called me…

Posted by lex, on June 5th, 2007

I’d have signed it * too:

The choice we face on immigration isn’t between the Senate bill and perfection; it’s between the Senate bill and the unacceptable status quo.

This is the most far-reaching and thoughtful reform of our immigration system in four decades and one that will significantly enhance American competitiveness. As with any political compromise, improvements can be made. But the basic framework is one that conservatives should support. Indeed, for conservatives who opposed last year’s immigration bill, this package represents a step forward.

The immigration system is in desperate need of repair. Any attempt to fix it must start with three givens: the need to regain control of our borders, the need to deal rationally with 12 million illegal immigrants already playing an integral role in our economy, and the need to restructure our immigration system so that we maintain our competitive strength in the global economy.

The Senate package addresses all three needs in a manner that advances conservative values.

Yeah, I know. I never could resist digging a stick into an ant hole.

** 10-08-2020 Original link gone; substitute found – Ed.

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A very small fiddle

Posted by lex, on December 18, 2006

From the BBC:

Muslims’ sense of belonging could be eroded by European nations not tackling discrimination, a watchdog has warned.

A report by a European Union-backed anti-racism body says the number of Islamophobic incidents in the 25 member states is probably under-reported.

And from the Daily Telegraph:

Jewish people are four times more likely to be attacked because of their religion than Muslims, according to figures compiled by the police.

One in 400 Jews compared to one in 1,700 Muslims are likely to be victims of “faith hate” attacks every year. The figure is based on data collected over three months in police areas accounting for half the Muslim and Jewish populations of England and Wales. The crimes range from assault and verbal abuse to criminal damage at places of worship.

Hmm. If there was only a way to link the two together, some sort of “unified field” theory…

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Friday Musings  02/28/05

Posted by lex, on Fri – February 18, 2005 at 06:13 PM


Bottled water, just now. It’s still early, and anyway I had a beer (Guinness, if you must know – for strength  * !) with lunch today.

How and why that came to be will be yours to discover once you have clicked “read more” below.

There is a long and circular tale about Monday that I want to share, only I am not quite sure just how to tell it. Hmm.

(Caution: If you can’t abide stories about men lashing the turf in search of little white balls to scrape around [golf, in other words], skip ahead a few lines, brother.)

Well anyway, the surface forces were having their annual golf classic at the air station where I work. Being the team player that I am, and believing it’s all for the best to share of oneself, I signed up a team from our organization. We were a pretty diverse bunch, if you can call four white naval officers between the age of 36 and 50 (I was not the oldest!) diverse. Which I know wouldn’t pass muster at the kinds of places where ethnicity is parsed with purséd lips and diversity is carefully sifted, weighed and assessed, but as I was saying, and to get back on the tale itself, we were diverse, for us: One aviator, one surface warfare officer (for form’s sake, and anyway he’s the best golfer on the staff), one submariner and an admin guy.

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Posted by lex, on Thu – July 22, 2004 at 09:09 PM

Some time ago, Andy Rooney crafted a list of questions he wished someone would ask the troops actually on the ground in Iraq.

Now the troops have a chance to answer . It makes for interesting reading.

The op-ed page featured a column  * by Andy Rooney opining about the character and morale of servicemen in Iraq. Rooney offered five questions that he wished a reporter would ask the soldiers, a group he dubbed “victims” rather than “heroes.”

** 07-25-20 Link changed; originally in Montana Standard.com – Ed


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But, Seriously

By lex, on July 4th, 2010

A quantum of time for a timeless document, and the dream that must not fail:

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A Republic, If You Can Keep It

By lex, on July 4th, 2010

Dashed out of the crushing burden of debt early this morning, for to whack the wee white ba’ into submission, like. Only for the terroristic tendencies that are in it. Found myself partnered with Hans,  a gentleman of a certain age 28 years a citizen of this country come hither from Switzerland. The Churman part. Him being a community banker, and your humble being hisself, we found ourselves commiserating not merely upon the sly ocean break on the greens of the Torrey Pines Golf Course, but also the general state of the union and so on. No one being able to get small business loans on account of the inability of the market to evaluate risk, and the evident propensity of our political class to ignore it altogether.

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Happy Fadder’s Day!

By lex, on June 15th, 2008

Your correspondent has spent the last four weeks “off” in between careers, which time he has spent placing polishing touches on the World’s Longest Master’s Thesis – the higher I climb, the taller the hill – fixing the domestic irrigation system, flaunting the manifest will of Nature’s God by trying to grow grass in the coastal desert, hitting the gym from time to time in a vain effort to slow down the hands of time – they will not be stopped, far less turned back – flying the occasional airplane, penning the random bit of desultory (albeit deathless, no doubt) bloggery and generally being incautiously underfoot of the high, stern ladies of the demesne.

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