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Driver: I was following GPS when I turned onto train tracks; Crash closed WB 6th Ave in Lake Worth |Video

You can’t make this up! Funny and Sad at the same time.

Among The Joshua Trees

Operation Lifesaver has this up on their Facebook Page. Industrial Grade Stupid at an Entirely New Level………………Blaming the GPS! What ever happened to one’s own Situational Awareness, for crying out loud! The dumb ass even said that he put on his four way flashers and said the train didn’t stop! No kidding Einstein!

Makes one go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Is the Gene Pool going to become self cleaning? The World Wonders.

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Cutaway Thursday: Hawker Typhoon

Perhaps better known as the Tiffy to our cousins across the pond, this week, 24 February 1940, to be exact, marked the 74th anniversary of her first flight.

hawkertyphoonibbymaxmil hawkertyphoonmkib1944clLearn more about her here.


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Not His Day….


This email was just forwarded to me – I don’t know if I would be as harsh as the original poster but over the years I have heard enough stories about what props can do to give them a healthy respect.

Regardless it is fortunate nobody was hurt…

I give you the post in its entirety….

It started out at the self-service Avgas pump. 
A guy fueled his Cherokee, but knew he had a dead battery. Pushed the plane back, hopped in, primed the engine, left the throttle half open, mags on, and got back out. 
Gave the prop a swift swing and the engine fired right up. Right up to around 1800 rpm I guess. 
The plane took off, straight for the fuel farm.


Fortunately, the prop hit this concrete filled steel post, designed for this very situation: to keep idiots from running into the fuel tanks.



Here’s what happened next: Prop hit the post and the crankshaft sheared right off the engine sending the prop, hub, and spinner flying like you only see in cartoons; landing on the roof of a hangar, about 150 yards away.





And no, this did not buff right out. Plane was sold for $400 on the spot, parted out and sold on eBay. 


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A Visit To Alcatraz a.k.a. The Rock


I can remember as a boy visiting San Francisco in the late 50s and early 60s, and seeing Alcatraz. I felt then that just a mile away were some very bad people. People like Al Capone, George “Machine Gun” Kelly and  Alvin Karpis called this “home” Continue reading


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MAAM P-61B Black Widow Restoration Update

The MAAM's P-61B Black Widow as she currently appears.

The MAAM’s P-61B Black Widow as she currently appears.

We’ve written before about the Mid Atlantic Air Museum’s Northrop P-61 Black Widow here.

Northrop’s P-61 Black Widow is the only night-fighter designed as such from the ground up. Built and flown in 1942, the P-61 could arguably be called one of the first fighter aircraft designed as an entire weapon system, namely the SCR-720A Airborne Radar.

The P-61s SCR-720A  airborne radar as it appears under the aircraft's radome.

The P-61s SCR-720A airborne radar as it appears under the aircraft’s radome.

As we also mentioned there are a few on display throughout the world including the National Museum of the United States Air Force (at Wright/Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH) and the National Air and Space Museum Uvdar-Hazy Annex (at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC).

The only soon-to-be flyable P-61 is owned by the Mid Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, Pennsylvania. The Museum was gracious enough to dedicate a portion of it’s website solely to give people a chance to see the restoration in progress (the website was last updated on 13 December 2013). The P-61 has always fascinated me and it’s interesting to see the aircraft from pieces to almost a complete aircraft. Just over the past few months there has been great progress on the P-61, enough that it’s being publicly displayed so you can view the Black Widow as she’s being restored. Below is one of the latest photos from the MAAM’s P-61B restoration site.

The right nose landing gear of the MAAM's P-61B

The right nose landing gear of the MAAM’s P-61B

The video below gives you a bit of a walkaround on the MAAM’s P-61:

An interesting thing to me was the detail with which the radar operator’s station at the rear of the main fuselage. Here’s an illustration of what the radar operator’s station looks like from the P-61’s Pilot’s Operating Manual (I know you know I have one…lol):

P-61 Radar Operator's Station.

P-61 Radar Operator’s Station.

Compare that with how it now appears after the restoration:

view into the RO's compartment from the boarding laddar view into the R.O.'s compartment from the aft boarding laddarPICT1352This example of the restored Radar Operator’s station serves to underline the painstaking care that the Museum is taking to get the Black Widow not only to flying condition but also “1942” flying condition.

This particular aircraft even has an interesting history in it’s own right. You can learn more about that courtesy of Warbird Radio. If you don’t only to learn about the MAAM’s P-61, you can also be part of it by donating to the restoration here. That’s your chance to be part of history.

I can’t wait to see this aircraft completed to be flyable. Hell I’d be the first to volunteer to fly it 🙂

A P-61 Black Widow in her glory days.

A P-61 Black Widow in her glory days.

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Exercise Red Flag from Nellis AFB in high-res (82 Photos)

Been There. Done That. Red Flag 12-2.
The oldest Crew Chief on the line……………………….

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High-res Minuteman III from Vandenberg AFB (22 HQ Photos)

I was surfing………..OK theBRIGADE is on my favourites list………..
Seriously good stuff. We stayed at Vandenberg last weekend….

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