Cutaway Thursday: Hawker Typhoon

Perhaps better known as the Tiffy to our cousins across the pond, this week, 24 February 1940, to be exact, marked the 74th anniversary of her first flight.

hawkertyphoonibbymaxmil hawkertyphoonmkib1944clLearn more about her here.


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2 responses to “Cutaway Thursday: Hawker Typhoon

  1. tgmccoy

    Knew an ex- Typhoon pilot. The Sabre left much to be desired
    as per reliability in the early versions. Preflight consisted of
    completing the walk around and if you found something important looking you or a mechanic would note if it would be a problem for the flight or not the Sabres tended to shed nuts, bolts, etc.Some were important. Some not…

  2. Interesting stats on the Typhoon, there were multiple claims of tank kills by Typhoons but in actuality the “kills” were at most 5% of what was reality. On the other hand, post battle examination of German tanks revealed that many were simply abandoned in the heat of battle. Evidently a Typhoon unleashing so many rockets at once would scare a tank crew into abandoning their posts, when it was actually safer to stay in the tank! The Typhoon was effective no matter what…

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