Not His Day….


This email was just forwarded to me – I don’t know if I would be as harsh as the original poster but over the years I have heard enough stories about what props can do to give them a healthy respect.

Regardless it is fortunate nobody was hurt…

I give you the post in its entirety….

It started out at the self-service Avgas pump. 
A guy fueled his Cherokee, but knew he had a dead battery. Pushed the plane back, hopped in, primed the engine, left the throttle half open, mags on, and got back out. 
Gave the prop a swift swing and the engine fired right up. Right up to around 1800 rpm I guess. 
The plane took off, straight for the fuel farm.


Fortunately, the prop hit this concrete filled steel post, designed for this very situation: to keep idiots from running into the fuel tanks.



Here’s what happened next: Prop hit the post and the crankshaft sheared right off the engine sending the prop, hub, and spinner flying like you only see in cartoons; landing on the roof of a hangar, about 150 yards away.





And no, this did not buff right out. Plane was sold for $400 on the spot, parted out and sold on eBay. 


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5 responses to “Not His Day….

  1. More chlorine in the gene pool, please. 🙂

  2. ejesegundo

    Jist becuz ya kin, don’t mean ya orter…

  3. Somebody please take his license away. Far away. Maybe even his voter registration. Please.

  4. Poor little Cherokee deserved better. Plane abuse is so hard to see without going and kicking the living crap outta the abuser.

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