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No, not “eyebrow plucking”!

PAugust 24th, 2007

The Iranian regime continues to fight the good fight, even as their indolent youth continue to slouch towards Gomorrah. Which is rather a long slog, being apparently out west towards the Jordan river, but never mind:

Iranian police have closed more than 20 barbers’ shops in the capital Tehran.

The authorities say the barbers were encouraging un-Islamic behaviour by offering Western hairstyles, tattooing and also eyebrow-plucking for men.

What is the world coming to, when young Iranian men can go about getting their eyebrows plucked all willy-nilly? This could lead to sex, which as every good authoritarian mullah knows might eventually – and this is worst case, of course –  lead to DANCING!!1!


Meanwhile, those of us living in the already thoroughly degraded West at least have one more thing to live for.

Which, maybe it’s not the thrill of illicit eyebrow-plucking, but you know: You do what you can.

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