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Flying Trunk Monkeys

Several years ago Suburban Auto Group released a series of “Trunk Monkey” commercials. Somehow this struck a chord with the crew chief and gunner community in Army Aviation, who promptly joined the ranks of Flying Trunk Monkeys. What can I say, I like that chimps attitude.

Being a Blackhawk crew chief covers a lot of territory besides flying. We spend a lot of time doing inspections and maintaining the helicopters, not to mention training. Training varies from mind-numbingly-boring-required-by-someone-or-other-and-having-nothing-to-do-with-anything to “Oh, yeah… They pay me me to do this!” Gunnery training generally falls into the later category.

Earlier this month we took three helicopters and 28000 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition to the West Tac area of the Barry Goldwater range in Gila Bend. This has got to be the premier aerial range in the world. The Air Force fast movers play here, and when Prince Harry was doing his Apache weapons training, this was the place. I believe he was wearing clothes on that trip, but I digress…

I put together a little clip of about 800 rounds worth of the fun for your viewing pleasure, including a brief view of what a passenger at night sees.

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Originally published June 22, 2011.


I’m going sinker once again, so for the next week Mongo will be at the controls.




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The Daily Lex – June 10th

The Daily Lex – June 10th

Been wondering about that myself

Originally posted June 10th, 2006…with a nod to Kris in New England.

Ask her why. 😉

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New Pr0n

Seems that there could be endless “pr0n” possibilities.  Please allow me to introduce yet another one … something near and dear to my heart.

Gun Pr0n.

A target-rich subject to be sure.  heh heh heh

So here we go.  My latest acquisition – the Sig Sauer P238 .380 ACP in Rainbow Titanium with Rosewood grips.

I have been lusting after this little baby since Sig Sauer introduced the P238 about 2 years ago.  But at a premium price of nearly $800 for a pocket pistol…I couldn’t justify the cost.

Time has done the work for me.  The price has dropped about $200 and I did 2 things to help myself:  sold a bunch of stuff on eBay and traded in another Sig Sauer handgun to fund this purchase.

Which … I executed last night.  This sweet, tight and gorgeous firearm has now been welcomed into the family.  Beautiful trigger pull, night sights, a petite holster and overall the perfect size for the hands of a girl.

As my motto goes – just because I’m a girl with a gun doesn’t mean I can’t look good.


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