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Everybody into the pool

By lex, on June 21st, 2006

When I was a mid (he said, impervious to the sound of four thousand young people’s groans) there were two qualifications required to get a billet for flight school in Pensacola: An adequate GPA – this was, after all, a competitive process – and 20/20 vision, or better.

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Vaguely Troubling

By Lex, on September 3, 2010


I like Ricky Dobbs, senior quarterback at the US Naval Academy. From everything I’ve read,  he’s hard not to like. He’s a tremendous athlete who led the midshipmen last season to match their best record in the institution’s foot ball history, 10-4. He also has an inspiring personal story, having risen from adversity, burdened with an absent father and a drug addicted mother. He is a person of deep faith who knows how to play hurt. There’s a lot to like.

And yet, I can’t help but admit that I found this sympathetic review of the young man vaguely troubling. Dobbs, one can’t help but learn if one was unaware, is not merely a midshipman at the US Naval Academy, but a black midshipman. It is not enough to be a star athlete, a likable guy and an exemplar of both sportsmanship and leadership. Midshipman Dobbs must also be cast into the role as a “credit to his race”, which carries to me the sniff of the “soft bigotry of low expectations”:

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Posted by Lex, on February 17, 2011

Navy offers a five-day Science, Technology, Engineering and Math course to rising 9-11th graders every summer. Applications close on 31 March:

The STEM Program gives students the opportunity to experience real-life applications of math and science principles through hands-on practical learning.  Students will learn from distinguished Naval Academy professor s in world-class lab facilities that provide a unique learning environment outside the traditional classroom.  The academy’s current students, known as midshipmen, help run the Summer STEM Program and act as counselors and tutors to students.

Approximately 375 total students from around the U.S. will be accepted to STEM.  All students selected to participate will receive a full scholarship to attend this academic summer program, but will be responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.

Free is an awfully good price.


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Athens vs Sparta

Posted by Lex, on September 20th, 2008

On the Severn: *

(Naval Academy) students attracted to history or political science say that they have no trouble satisfying their craving for intellectual challenge and reflection. (Professor Williamson) Murray said that, while he was appalled by the ignorance of the incoming freshmen, he found that the students in one of his senior seminars were “by far and away” superior to those he had taught at Yale and elsewhere in their “level of sophistication, writing ability, understanding of history, capacity to connect the dots between different periods.” These students are just as inclined as good students everywhere to question established wisdom.

Good lads (and lasses).

* Link changed – 03/22/18 – Ed.

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