Justice Delayed

By lex, on May 8th, 2010

Midshipman 3/C Curry is off the football squad ** at Navy:

Head coach Ken Niumatalolo booted Curry from the program for not complying with team rules, Navy athletics spokesman Scott Strasemeier said last night. Neither Strasemeier nor Niumatalolo would elaborate on the reasons for Curry’s dismissal, but several sources told The Capital it resulted from a recent conduct offense…

“It’s unfortunate, but it had to be done. We’re a football team and the rules apply to everybody,” Niumatalolo said yesterday when asked about Curry’s removal from the roster.

The Capital reported in late January that Curry was allowed to remain at the Naval Academy despite testing positive for drug use and after recommendations he be dismissed. Curry failed a random drug test administered by the academy on Dec. 14, testing positive for marijuana use.

After receiving the results of the failed drug test on Jan. 4, the chain of command — from Curry’s company office to Capt. Matthew Klunder, the commandant of midshipmen, recommended the sophomore be separated. However, Vice Adm. Jeffrey L. Fowler, the academy superintendent, decided to retain Curry based on extenuating circumstances. Fowler believed the positive test was the result of accidental ingestion and instead punished Curry with 21 days of restriction and 100 demerits, according to information provided to The Capital.

The Capital also learned that Curry had been found guilty of one honor offense and accumulated 335 demerits during his initial three semesters at the Naval Academy…

Sources close to the situation told The Capital that Curry intends to voluntary resign from the Naval Academy and transfer to another school in the wake of his dismissal from the football team. Curry did not take part in Monday’s ceremony at the White House.

What’s really unfortunate is that it took a football coach to do what a three star flag officer could not. The damage to the institution may well be lasting.

You usually only get once chance to do the right thing.

**  10-01-2018 Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.

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