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An April 1st to Remember

I don’t know how the tradition of April Fools Day got started, but despite fair warning over much of my life, and a healthy dose of naivety thrown in, I have usually fallen for it.

Although April Fools’ Day, also called All Fools’ Day, has been celebrated for several centuries by different cultures, its exact origins remain a mystery.

Some historians speculate that April Fools’ Day dates back to 1582, when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, as called for by the Council of Trent in 1563.

People who were slow to get the news or failed to recognize that the start of the new year had moved to January 1 and continued to celebrate it during the last week of March through April 1 became the butt of jokes and hoaxes.

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Lost and Found

On occasion, I have a week’s free time or so, and have always used it for a road trip. I’ve used it for a Lexican get-together in Sandy Eggo, trips to the Southwest, Idaho, Oregon…

I wanted to see Crater Lake, OR back in 2017 and as it was, fellow Lexican ColoComment was going to be there at that time, too.

So we decided to see it together.

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Name Tags

By lex, on July 7th, 2010

Pinch * put me in mind of a story.

Was a time in the Old Navy where it was fashionable at certain points to wear hemi- semi- demi- quasi-humorous name patches on the flight suits of America’s Finest. There were any number of “Roger Ball” name tags at the O’Club on a Friday night. When things got late, there were even raunchier monikers attached by Velcro: “Hugh Jardon” was but the least offensive. There might even have been a “Heywood Jablome.”

I can’t say.

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Molly suddenly realized she had a problem

When she started using this…

H/T to a fellow Lexican for finding this…

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No Good Deed…

Sometimes you have to laugh at life. I think sooner or later, most of you have been in this situation.

You are patiently standing in line at the supermarket, and (a) a LOL (that’s Little Old Lady for the purposes of this post, or (b) young mother with screaming kids, or (c) anybody else – is right behind you with 1 or 2 items.

So you offer to let them ahead of you, anticipating a quick transaction and a little appreciation.

Only they need a price check, or write a check, are arguing about a price, or….

And you are tied up for the next 5-10 minutes. Or more. I think with a bit of creativity that scene could become a Michael Palin or John Cleese skit.

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Thought for the day:

by lex

Posted on December 20, 2005


If you can maintain your sense of humor while the world is going to hell in a hand-basket all around you, then you’re probably a gibbering idiot.


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It’s the small things in life

That have always fascinated me. It fascinated Lex, too. Both the good things and bad things that affect your life’s major arcs, “but for”. As I had said in my Epilogue  of Neptunus Lex, I just happened to see a post from one of their writers about Lex’s accident, and through curiosity, read a post David recommended. Which ended up putting me on a completly new arc.

The Small Things can bring life-changing events to people, good and bad. Ask any number of people in prison “but for”.

Which reminds me of some of the greatest advice on life I ever received from someone – “Life is nothing more than choices“.

Anywho, I am driving home a few hours ago and spot a cyclist oblivious to the world.

It’s a two-laned road each way, and he is riding down the center of the right lane seemingly without a care in the world. I am watching him as I move to the left lane.

Just then, he swerves right in front of me when I put to the test my ABS brakes. I stop with him in front of the car maybe 2-3 feet, still blithely tooling along. Even the sound of my horn didn’t faze him.

Was he trying to kill himself? I obviously can’t say, but he reminded me of this guy, in his own way sort of a hero to me (in a funny way).

Sometimes ignorance is bliss, sometimes it can kill you.



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