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Piper Olivia Shaw-McConnell

The youngest Granddaughter of Casa de Sharon y Glenn.

Ain’t she pretty?

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A Movie Worth Seeing


I decided I wanted to see a movie last night – finding one that doesn’t involve cartoon characters or car crashes is difficult these days – looked through Fandango and decided to try this movie.

I have always been impressed with Russell Crowe as an actor – one of the most versatile I have seen – portraying everything from a Depression-era boxer to an British Royal Navy Captain.

In this movie, his directorial debut, he plays an Australian farmer whose family has been decimated by  a WW1 battle that in the US is just a name and a date but to those of the ANZAC forces – Australia and New Zealand, Gallipoli  is part of the national consciousness.

With nothing left to live for in Australia, he goes there in search of the graves of his 3 sons. A year after the end of the First World War the Ottoman Empire has collapsed and Turkey is facing upheaval.

Cinematography, action and a good screenplay – it is all there.You have adventure, drama and romance.

With a plot for grown ups.

It is an independent film and in limited release, but if the The Water Diviner is in your town, it’s worth seeing.

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A New Life For Twinkies and Ding Dongs


There probably aren’t too many blogs that will tell you about lightening-struck F/A-18s and then America’s legendary junk food – but here’s the story.

Just finished it in my Forbes Magazine about how 2 billionaires noted for rescuing sick companies (over 80 so far) and making them successful.

The amazing thing I got out of this article was that by modernizing the plants 500 people are doing what 9,000 did before.

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Lightening Strikes 2 F/A 18 Pilots


Quite a read of 2 pilots in F/A-18s who were struck by lightening and their efforts to return…

H/T to OldAFSarge


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Shooting Iwo Jima

300px-WW2_Iwo_Jima_flag_raising Joe Rosenthal & AP

Just saw an interesting program on Netflix. Just about everyone has heard of Joe Rosenthal and his iconic B & W photo of the flag-raising on Mt Suribachi .

It got him a Pulitzer prize and world-wide fame.  Less known about that was that it was actually the 2nd flag to go up there. I read the book Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley some years ago, that gave an excellent account of both Iwo and the Rosenthal photo.

How many of you have heard of Bill Genaust?

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Top Gear & Jeremy Clarkson

topGear Photo Courtesy of the BBC

By now, those of you who have any gas [petrol] in your veins have heard about the firing of Jeremy Clarkson from the hit BBC series Top Gear.

You can’t punch your producer without having some kind of repercussion.

To tell you the truth, I hadn’t even heard of Top Gear until a couple of years ago. Being a luddite, I have never had cable or satellite TV.

Or more accurately, I didn’t want to spent $100-$150/month just to get 4-5 programs that I would want.

But I did learn about streaming, and when I saw 20 seasons of Top Gear on Netflix, I ripped through them in about 6 months.

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Shayne Meder and the Team finished the MH-60

The Best Looking Helo Paint Scheme Ever.

The Scorpions CAG Bird is finished.

Shayne with HSM-49 CO Bobby Brown

Shayne Meder with the Scorpions CO, CDR Bobby Brown. I do believe the Skipper is very happy with the results.

Scorpion 100 Bureau Number Scorpion 100 Dog House Scorpion 100 nose Scorpion 100 tail 1 Scorpion 100 tail 2 Scorpion 100 tail 3 Scorpion 100 tail 4 Scorpion 100 tail 5 Shayne Scott Jim Shayne with gun in hand


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