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Affirmative Action

Al Qaeda-style:

One former CIA weapons of mass destruction analyst who tracked (Aafia) Siddiqui said that she became extremely frustrated years ago, however, when she was told by senior Al Qaeda leaders to help their cause by getting pregnant.

“They told her that the best thing she could do for Al Qaeda was to start popping out little jihadists,” said the former CIA officer, who left the agency in 2006. “She was furious; she knows more about this stuff than pretty much anyone in the organization.”

Siddiqui never gave up her desire to launch attacks against the United States and its allies, according to FBI and Justice Department records made public Monday night.

According to court papers, Afghan national police officers in Ghazni province, south of Kabul, the capital, observed Siddiqui acting suspiciously near the provincial governor’s compound July 17.

When they searched her handbag, they found documents relating to explosives, chemical weapons and weapons involving biological materials and radiological agents, along with descriptions of landmarks in New York City and elsewhere in the United States, and liquid and gel substances sealed in bottles and jars.

Siddiqi, who had earned an undergrad degree from MIT in biology and a PhD in behavioral neuroscience from Brandeis (of all places for an Islamist terrorist!) allegedly served as a US-based “fixer” for admitted 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, before decamping back to her native Pakistan in 2002 as the dragnet tightened around her. Arrested last month in Afghanistan, she apparently managed to wrest a weapon away from a distracted US guard and shoot the room up before being herself taken down.


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The BS-1

Posted by Lex, on August 6, 2008

Not content with jet setting around the globe or cooling a 10,000 square foot house in Tennessee, the Goracle has taken some of the folding cash that comes with being a climate change profit prophet and plunked it down on an “environmentally friendly” 100-foot houseboat. PJ media’s Steve Gill has more on the “Bio-Solar One.”

According to (boat designer Bill) Austin, the engines are bio-diesel fueled and Gore can expect to use about two gallons an hour to cruise Center Hill Lake. With a 500 gallon capacity Austin says Gore won’t need a refill for “two or three years” though he admits having “no clue” about where Gore could get bio-diesel at the lake. The Hurricane Marina dock doesn’t sell it.

What is it they say? “It’d be a lot easier believing in the climate change crisis if those folks running around warning about the crisis started acting like they believed in it.”


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Posted by Lex, on July 18, 2008


We used to joke back in the day about the difference between the Navy and the Air Force. It’s the little things that give it away. The oak paneled flight planning rooms that were decorated better than Navy officer’s clubs. The “step van” that would pick you up at transient alert and carry you all 50 yards to flight planning. The 36-hole golf courses that were completed before the airstrip got laid in. The “inadequate quarters” stamps that the USAF guys insisted on for their TAD orders that excused them from Army quarters to put them out in the Hilton in town.

The USAF pilots of my acquaintance would laugh and say, well: you guys have to buy ships. Like that was a vice or something. Like we had $6 billion burning a hole in our pockets after a three-day bender in Vegas and decided to burn it on an aircraft carrier.

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The gift that keeps on giving

By lex, on May 30, 2008


The junior senator* from Massachusetts once again helps to inform the debate.

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) believes that on September 11 “we were basically at peace.”

Asked to clarify his remarks, specifically asking about the attacks on the U.S.S. Cole during Barack Obama campaign conference call, Kerry said, “well, we hadn’t declared war,” The Hill’s Sam Youngman reports.

In much the same way that we were basically at peace on 7 December, 1941.

In a way, this all makes a kind of sense: Hollywood is for pretty people who aren’t terribly clever. Washington is Hollywood for ugly people.

*As of this post.

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Fighting Spirit

Posted by Lex, on April 15, 2008


This Marine has it.*  And a sense of humor to boot.

** Link updated to the YouTube post March 12, 2018 – Ed. 

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Molly suddenly realized she had a problem

When she started using this…

H/T to a fellow Lexican for finding this…

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The appendix of Navy slang

Posted by Lex, on April 11, 2008


This also had to happen eventually:

Civilians now can learn the U.S. military’s unique language and slang and get a taste for Navy life aboard warships, carriers and submarines through a Navy slang Web site at the Wiktionary free dictionary

Who knew that an aircraft carrier is a “birdfarm” and a failed carrier landing, a “bolter”? A bolter is when an approaching aircraft misses the arresting wire with its tailhook and has to go around. A “ramp strike” is when an aircraft comes in drastically low for a carrier landing and strikes the “round down,” or stern of the ship, often with devastating results.

Well, most of you knew. And for those that didn’t, here’s the whole list.

Not all of them are entirely suitable for the faint-hearted.

This story, by the way, pretty much redefines the term “Tailhooker”:

A Navy officer testified in federal court in Washington yesterday that she moonlighted as a call girl for Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s escort service for six months, starting in 2005, when the military says she was assigned to the Naval Academy as a supply officer.

I guess the locality pay in Annapolis just wasn’t cutting it.

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