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Posted by lex, on December 12, 2006

The Christian Science Monitor discovers Bill Roggio:

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Good heavens!

Posted by lex, on May 16, 2006


I understand why any number of devout Christian folk don’t like Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code,” and are unhappy about it being made into a Major Motion Picture. The book takes sacred elements of historical fact – or at least, recorded events, if you prefer – and twists them up into all kinds of fictional knots. Analogous to those books wondering how the American Civil War would have gone if Rob’t E. Lee had AK-47’s, and so on. Interesting, perhaps. But not entirely germane.

I guess the original story wasn’t cool enough. That whole love and hope and conquering death thing? So not impressive anymore. Not in an era of CGI. Not when that nasty old hockey-masked Jason Keeps. Coming. Back. Over and over again.

But this is probably a bit too much:

In India, which is home to 18 million Catholics, the head of the Catholic Secular Forum has begun a “hunger strike until death”.

Em. Good cause, and all that. Appreciate the “passion,” etc. But, ah: Suicide, is it? Because last time I checked my catechism, that was filed under, “unpardonable sin.” Lethal lack of hope, which is bad enough in its own right, but little to no chance to make amends after, considering that it’s the dying thing which completes the act.

No, the way to go here is to go and enjoy some cinematic fiction if you feel like it. Or, if the mood serves differently, don’t. Protest if you’d like, but let’s don’t kill anyone. Not even ourselves. Read up a bit on the gospels and be prepared to tell the newly energized credulous that, yes, it was entertaining and all, well played, thought Tom Hanks was marvy, but: Didn’t happen quite that way. Or if it did, no one bothered to write about it in the first couple hundred years after the fact. Which casts, you know: Kind of a shadow.

But since we’re on the topic? And I’ve got your attention? It’s a pretty good story, just as it was written.

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I’d go

Posted by lex, on May 7, 2006


Andrew Klavan in the LA Times suggests it’s time for Hollywood to get on board for the big win:

We play with our children, read books, go to work and enjoy recreations only because people with guns stand ready, willing and able to kill other people with guns who would kill us if they could.

It’s sweet to forget this and therefore difficult to keep it in mind. “It is hard for those who live near a Police Station to believe in the triumph of violence,” as T.S. Eliot wrote. That’s us — we Americans, protected by a mighty military that by and large obeys the rules of our republic — safe enough, and keeping much of the world safe enough, so that we find it hard to believe in what would happen if that protection failed.

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Facing the beast

Posted by lex, on May 8, 2006


Daniel Henninger has a column up today in the WSJ that links the movie United 93 together with the Moussaoui decision in a way that ought to have been obvious, but escaped me until I read it.

Some will say, as has already been said to me: “I know all that. I don’t need to see it.”

But perhaps you no longer know September 11 as well as you think. In this week of the Moussaoui life sentence, it is pertinent to ask whether the days and seasons we’ve traveled from the time of September 11 have returned the people of America to a routine that feels more normal than perhaps it should.

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Posted by lex, on Thu – July 22, 2004 at 09:09 PM

Some time ago, Andy Rooney crafted a list of questions he wished someone would ask the troops actually on the ground in Iraq.

Now the troops have a chance to answer . It makes for interesting reading.

The op-ed page featured a column  * by Andy Rooney opining about the character and morale of servicemen in Iraq. Rooney offered five questions that he wished a reporter would ask the soldiers, a group he dubbed “victims” rather than “heroes.”

** 07-25-20 Link changed; originally in Montana – Ed


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Bari Weiss

Bari Weiss was an op-ed writer for the Wall Street Journal before she was hired in 2017 to write for the New York Times. She just quit, for reasons cited below.

Weiss announced her departure from The New York Times on July 14, 2020, publishing a resignation letter on her website in which she criticized the Times for capitulating to criticism on  Twitter, and for not supporting her when she was bullied by her colleagues. Weiss’s letter accused her former employer of “unlawful discrimination, hostile work environment, and constructive discharge.”

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Dead Like Me

It was said in the early 2000s that we were in the golden age of television. At last on the cable channels. Not the big screen, not the networks, but on shows like HBO, Showtime…

If you were a screenwriter, the place to be was here.

Not wanting to spend $150/month out here to get those channels, they passed me by.

But, the good thing is that many of these shows are now available to stream.

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The Newspaper Business

From just a year or 2 from the 1849 gold rush, Sacramento was a 2 newspaper town. Well, 2 that I know of that survived.

Actually there were up to 60 newspapers but only 2 survived.

Mark Twain, in his classic book Roughing It, honed his writing craft first at Virginia City NV, working for the Territorial Enterprise, then at Sacramento, working for the Sacramento Union.

In that book, he is known for his quip about San Francisco weather, writing that “the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco“.  Less remembered was his observation of Sacramento weather:

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Technological Waves and Business

An Expensive Lesson


In the latter part of the 1980s, I received a rather expensive lesson. Perhaps it could be said that we all pay in one way or another to get our education. And it was a lesson in how companies, both large and small, can thrive or become swallowed by technological waves.

Because of some pressure by our then-competition, I felt I should design and offer to garages and oil companies a superior PC-Based program that would generate work orders for customers and track inventory.

I set to work for about 5 years.

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Lucille Ball and Star Trek

In addition to being a comedienne whose work is still appreciated over 60 years later, Lucy had quite an influence in television. It could be said that I Love Lucy, started in 1951 with the dawn of television, became the template for the modern sitcom.

I had heard it said years ago that this show pioneered the 3 Camera Approach in filming. But others are saying not so fast – it was invented 4 years earlier, in 1947. Perhaps because the show was so groundbreaking and popular – it is still in syndication today – it got the credit.

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