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on Sun – July 25, 2004 at 03:48 PM


I’m almost (but clearly, not entirely) speechless.

Daniel Okrent, the Public Editor (don’t say ombudsman) of the NYT asks the question, “Is the New York Times a liberal newspaper?”

And then he immediately answers it: “Of course it is .”

Oh. Well then. I guess we can all go and talk about something else now.

But, it does kind of bring new meaning to the motto, “All the news that’s fit to print.”

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Shorter David Sirota

By lex, on August 28th, 2011

The US military should allow anti-military filmmakers open access to their personnel and use of their equipment.

The longer and more nuanced reading is that the military exercises some control over Hollywood movie scripts which ask to use actual military personnel and equipment. This is cast by Mr. Sirota as something akin to prior restraint of free speech rather than organizational prudence, Hollywood directors and writers typically having exactly zero understanding of how the military actually works. This lack of experience and comprehension is buttressed by their fixed preconceptions. So the military says this: Go ahead and tar our servicemen with your broad brushes of ignorance and bile if you’d like. Just don’t expect us to underwrite your smear campaigns. Or: Work with us to ensure that 1) you get to make your money so long as the portrayal of our forces is fair, and so long as it fits within the normal training and operation of the force. We’ll bend over backwards, in other words. We just won’t bend over forwards.

Which to me seems fair.

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All the News that Fits the Narrative

By lex, on May 11th, 2011

Last week the NYT published a hit piece in its Sunday magazine entitled “A Beast in the Heart of Every Fighting Man” whose thesis was that the war crimes committed by one platoon in Afghanistan were not the results of a charismatic psychopath leading impressionable young soldiers against an isolated backdrop of weak officership, but rather the desired result of a military training regime expressly intended to dehumanizing soldiers. From a specific case of already punished criminality, the military as a whole was generalized to sociopathy.

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Five Came Back

John Ford Shooting Photograph Netflix

John Ford shooting a scene. Photograph courtesy of Netflix. 

I have been watching a 3 part Netflix documentary about the 5 legendary Hollywood directors who volunteered for service in World War II. These  5 directors, William Wyler, Frank Capra, George Stevens, John Ford and John Huston not only shaped the way Americans viewed the war, but  their participation affected their post war movie making.

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Sic Transit Gloria…

The late artist, Andy Warhol (nee Andrej Varchola, Jr.) is remembered for many things, including the quote attributed to him, “…my prediction from the sixties finally came true: In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”[ His reflection on the continuing fascination with celebrity, fame, and “public persona” has been talked about, written about and visually addressed countless times.

Recently, a young man in New York, took it upon himself to demonstrate that if you act like one, you can be one:

Clever, and illustrative.


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An Unpleasant Person

Originally published July 25th, 2009.


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