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The Movie Business

I’ve mentioned from time to time my enjoyment of seeing old movies on the big screen, once again. You see it as the director wanted you to see it. Came across an article on a recent WSJ on how the movie business is changing. These days, Hollywood stars want a guarantee that their movies will play in theaters.

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Virginia Hall

Since writing about her yesterday, curiosity had gotten the best of me, and I read a bit more on her. What an amazing woman.

As to David Holahan’s statement that ” James Bond had nothing on her”, Bond of course was some fantasy of Ian Fleming. To think that some spy would arrive with a self-confident (arrogant?) attitude in an Aston Martin and tux, well, of course real spies are the opposite. Most times a person who one would least suspect. When the best have disappeared the world is left wondering who they were, or at least what they looked like.

When the Manhattan Project was started, “an informant in the British civil service notified the Soviets. As the top-secret plan to build the bomb, called the Manhattan Project, took shape in the United States, the Soviet spy ring got wind of it before the FBI knew of the secret program’s existence.” It was 4 years after the war before  the identity of one, Klaus Fuchs, was discovered.

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Following instructions

Posted by lex, on June 10th, 2007

Occasional readers will be glancingly aware of the fact that your correspondent has a certain love/hate relationship with the New York Times – an emotion to which the Gray Lady herself remains regally indifferent. But “paper of record” and deeply imprinted biases aside, the Sunday Times, especially, is a rare and – at five clams our here on the left coast, expensive – treat.

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Climate Change

By lex, on December 20th, 2010

File this one under, “the Internet is forever”.

2000, UK Independent: Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past -**

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One Reason The Internet Is A Hoot

I have mentioned others, but this evening I am watching a new series (for me) called Lilyhammer. It is a Norwegian production that Netflix has. It’s about an American mobster who, in exchange for testimony, is in the witness protection program and his choice of venue was….Lillehammer, Norway.(update: Norwegian spelling)

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By lex, on October 22nd, 2010

“All hard, all the time,” were the words that General David Petraeus used to describe the fight in Afghanistan. For the distant viewer, the difficulty is enhanced by an inability to tease out a consistent narrative of the situation there: Are coalition forces gaining ground at a reasonable cost, or losing lives in a fruitless campaign? Will the Taliban sheltering in Pakistan be brought to heel by the application of cross-border fires, or are they merely bargaining for time? And what about redevelopment aid, and the training of the Afghan National Army?

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By lex, on October 26th, 2006

On the way home today, NPR was reading their mail on air, they do it every Thursday. People who write letters to radio stations tend to be enthusiasts, and NPR’s mail is usually pretty evenly split between those who just think everything they do is simply marvelous! and those who object to the very occasional attempt – usually when federal budgets (including, one suspects, subsidies to public radio) are being debated in Congress – by the NPR editorial staff to inject a little political balance into their otherwise lightly skewed reporting. Regular NPR I mean. Not Pacifica radio.

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