Flotsam and jetsam, II

Posted by lex, on February 3, 2007

Those of you paying attention to the comment thread  here * got to see Oyster – one of the few men whom I know personally who has landed aboard an aircraft carrier at night, with one engine not just out but shattered (not before having taken most of the other one with it) and with what damned little gas he had left more or less feeding a raging airframe fire – and I engage in a bit of reminiscing about the old days. The “bad night” we were talking about was the subject of one of my earliest posts on the old blog, reproduced here. I wrote it before I had developed the characteristically taut prose for which I have so often been complimented by you, my dedicated readership, who have been awfully generous with your correspondent over the course of the last several and for which I thank you kindly – gratitude being one of the last barricades for comity in a world where civil correspondence is everywhere encroached upon by those who would instead craft their words almost as missiles, like, for the purpose of hurting others, the bassids. *cough*

So, like I was saying – the story rambles a bit, but may be worth a perusal for those such as haven’t read it.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of gratitude, my particular and public thanks to Bill, Bill – yes, there are two of them – Peter, Phil and John who, even without having been asked or probably even being aware, have between them perceptibly advanced your humble scribe’s prospects of taking a trip out east for the Milblog Conference in Washington, DC (our nation’s capital), which he’s been asked to sit on one of the panels if you can believe that, and the Potluck Panel too! I scarcely have the heart to break it to them that I’m no great shakes as a cook, but maybe I can bluff my way through it, or else what good was that Poly Sci degree?

And this is as good a place as any I think to introduce an idea that has been tickling at me: We have quite a number of folks who stop in, read and leave comments on a regular basis, so much so that I have taken to thinking of you as “the regulars.” It’s pretty easy to figure out who I am after a bit, even for the folks who just pop in and out again, never bothering to leave a note – after all, it’s in the “about me” tab, innit?

But it’s a community we’ve got and really I’m only the host, and with the generosity of those previously mentioned my fiscal expenses are pretty much covered, while, for the most part, my investment in time is returned by the charity of those with whom I get to engage in social intercourse here. Which maybe isn’t as fun as the other kind, but is a whole lot safer let me tell you, even before you factor in the wife of Brazillian provenance.

So with all that as a lead in, I’ve been thinking of re-fashioning one of the tabs at the top – prolly the “Old Blog” page – into a “Regulars” tab, wherein readers/commenters such as would like to participate can leave a short “about them” paragraph with maybe a link to their own blog if they’ve got one.

What do yez think? Drop me a note in the comments or the contact page, if you like it or don’t.

** 09-26-20 Ramp Strick video gone – Ed

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