Back-end maintenance

Posted by lex, on April 9, 2007

Things may act squirrely for a while, gomen.

Update: There. All done.

A propos of nothing in particular, the air fare for my trip from the INFORMS Conference in Vancouver to the MilBlog Conference later on this month turned out to be just a shade over $500. It would’ve been cheaper, obviously, if I’d booked a bit earlier, but my time is not my own and it wasn’t until now that I could be sure of attending. Should be fun, educational, informative, etc. But, you know: Ouch.

Maybe the girls will get scholarships too.

Now SNO and I are headed for the local for to sharpen our skills. I’m going to give that Sig Sauer one more chance to disappoint, and we’ve got a scoped .22 LR and .30-06 Remington which haven’t been fired in ages and are beginning to resent it.

Or they would, if rifles could resent things. Which they can’t, but anyway.

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