This belongs up front

Posted by Lex, on August 12, 2006

Note: This will be sticking at the top for a few days, scroll down for newer content. 

Mrs Santiago found our post on her son, and passes this word along in the comments box. I’m bringing it to the top:

“I googled my son and found this very thoughtfully written article. I’m so touched by your comments…Diego would be smiling from the heavens. To know our little Diego was to love and admire him. He was a “man’s man” and he was a fine Navy man! We’ll be in pain, every day for the rest of our lives, but comforted by the support of the greatest military force in the world!
Cookie Santiago (Diego’s mom)
PS You can visit Diego’s website at: *

His page is: DiegoLand

He has 1891 readers and we’re hoping for 2,000. He loved the carepage and believed he was famous. I can honestly say he is loved throughout the world. Please, visit the photo page! He’s just beautiful.”

We’re very sorry for your troubles, ma’am. I believe, on behalf of my very small, but very decent pool of readers, that we can promise Diego 2,000 visitors.

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08-04-18 – Note: Carepages has shut down as of tonight and what the Wayback Machine archived does not show Diego’s page (that I could find) – but the archived version is here for the record – Ed. 



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