There’s all kinds of respect

Posted by lex, on February 11, 2007

Other folks *  are all over * the quote attributed to WaPo blogger William Arkin by Deborah Howell ** , the paper’s ombudsman:

Arkin is unrepentant about two things: He works for The Post. Period. And he said he is “probably one of the best-known and respected anti-military military bloggers.”

Apart from the obvious AHA! reaction, this raises a couple of interesting points: Given that the military is routinely cited as one of the country’s most respected institutions, this puts Arkin’s pride of place in a pretty cramped room. Especially when one considers all of those loyal American citizens who “support the troops, but not their mission.”

So who’s left to respect Arkin’s position? Oh. These folks.

Which seems a strange place from whence an employee of the Washington Post might look to get his affirmation. Arkin said earlier that he was done with all this. Now I am done with him.

He’s just not worth much.

**09-27-20 Links gone; no substitute found – Ed.

***09-27-20 Link gone; substitute found – Ed.

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