OPSEC, redux

Posted by lex, on May 8th, 2007

Over at Bill Roggio’s place – The Fourth Rail – contributor and retired US Navy Intelligence Specialist DJ Elliot puts the recent OPSEC kerfuffle into at least a kind of anecdotal perspective. He ranks OPSEC violaters he has personally observed, and no doubt the astute observer will wonder, from 10th (worst) to 1st (best), how did the MilBlogging set perform?

Not so very badly:

· 3. Military Bloggers: Despite the worries by the hierarchy, I have seen only five valid OPSEC violations in two years from Military Bloggers concerning ISF/Coalition forces (only 1 in the last year). MilBloggers tend to lose unit IDs and details in their writings in a way that PAOs should study and learn from.

Just behind the SOF fellas – whose tendency towards taciturnity has been elsewhere noted – and the ROKs, a group that is by long-accustomed proximity to an implacable threat used to the risks of revealing capabilities, tactics, techniques and procedures.

Even one violation is too many of course, but the list – and DJ’s other observations – make for interesting reading.

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