Posted by lex, on December 1st, 2011

Up at 0400 this morning, for to take in the 0500 brief. The flight was cancelled in the end, the forecast crosswinds being out of limits.

Briefed another go at 1245, the winds howling around outside. Launched anyway, shot my first Super Hornet, headed home to land.

Flew a surveillance approach in blowing dust, broke out at 1.5 miles with the runway in sight, was waved off: Tower hadn’t given landing clearance.

Tried again, got a precision ground controlled approach that time, was a little high, a little lined up right at decision height, didn’t see the runway, started to get concerned. Asked tower for a weather update at Reno: Clear and unlimited. Huzzah.

Was told on downwind that the field had gone below minimums. The fuel state being low, canceled IFR and went direct to Reno, landing at around 1640, just as the sun was setting. It’s a place I’ve only landed at there once, and that was ten years ago. Landed uneventfully nonetheless, was met in time by maintenance personnel, will ferry the jet back to Fallon tomorrow, inshallah.

First ever contractor kill against an FA-18. First ever weather divert from the field I planned to land at. One first too many.

Stopped off a the O’Club for a shot of Jameson’s followed by a pint of Guinness. For strength.

More tomorrow, if I’ve got the time.

I’m whipped, just now.

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